Healthy Information? Really!!!!

Information is EVERYWHERE!!!

We are surrounded by, smothered in, immersed in, engulfed in, and enveloped by information every day.  It is somewhat difficult to escape.  It does not sound like anything important until you try to escape it or hide…

Sometimes.... Life Makes the Decision Easy!

God, Health, or Wealth?  Which part of the Foundation should be addressed first?

It was time to decide.  Life crept in and made it an easy answer... Health.  But in a rather unexpected way.

My wife's car had coolant problems.…

The Elements of the Foundation

You ever learn about foundations?  There is a lot that goes into them: engineering, time, materials, man-hours, etc.  Why all the effort?  Because it is a one-and-done project, and it must remain solid and reliable for decades to come.  


What Is Your Foundation

Most of my students hear a version of the following:

"The drummer is the foundation of the ensemble.  The other band members play with a lot more confidence and comfort when the drummer is rock-solid.  Like a house's foundation, nobody…

Open Letter to an Average Drummer

Dear Average Drummer,

I've watched you long enough to know there is one thing you lack... the one thing that propels great musicians to their levels of greatness
Deliberate, Purpose-filled Playing Every Day!
Great musicians make the conscious decision…

What Do Tech and Music Instruments Have in Common?

You gotta play with them both REPEATEDLY if you expect to get better at using them!

There is no "Easy" button or Matrix scenario for musicians.  You don't hit a switch or plug in to a computer and become an…

Stage FRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who would've thunk it?  A musician who gets stage fright after so many years of playing?  Yep! It happened this weekend.  Why?  Cuz the drummer said he would start doing some lead vocals with the Last Chance Saloon.  Why…

Well... It Is About Damn Time


The Grid Grooves site is up and running!!!

I will post a link when Chapter One and its companion MP3s are uploaded.

That's My Rumor, and I'm Sticking To It.

The Most Important Day on the Calendar

Jesus Christ or the Apostle Paul used the phrase, "Today, while it is call 'Today'...."  I do not remember the rest of the phrase.  Partly cuz I got hung up on that beginning. 

I've latched…


3 Ways To Become The "Likable" Drummer

Drummers: we really get a bad rap at times.  Then again, enough drummers personify the stereotypes that fuel the drummer jokes out there.  However, here are three simple things a drummer can do to become or remain the likable drummer…


She Sits Near The Stage...

Her name is Angela.  She sits near the stage as the Tayters begin to play music from a by-gone era.  Bright eyes and a beaming smile emerge on Angela’s face as the songs transport her through the memories of her…

So You Think You're a Musician, Do Ya?

What is the difference between a person that plays an instrument and a person who is a musician?  The question is a frequent discussion topic.  The distinction gets lost in areas that are not known as the major music centers…