An Important Lesson From the First Day of Cancer Treatment

See the script… follow the script.  That is what happened. Things went exactly like the dress rehearsal a few days earlier.  At least it did for the team. I learned a valuable lesson though. 

Lesson: It is not wise to load up on water before going to radiation treatment! 

Remember that neck and head immobility are critical to the success of radiation treatment as it is applied to me.  Remember too that good hydration is essential when undergoing chemotherapy.   

So… what happens when you need to go wee, wee, weeeee all the way to the bathroom once the radiation room is sealed up and the micro-blasts have begun?  You hold it in. 15 minutes feels like it gets longer and longer as the desire to relieve some pressure builds up. Especially when you are strapped down like Hannibal Lecter.  The mask is form-fitted so well that even Jeff Dunham may have some difficulty saying a word or two. The techs are in the control room. I am there alone with the machine humming & chirping while a sense of urgency grows in my bladder! 

Lesson learned: you have 24 hours to get the suggested 100 ounces of water.  48 of those ounces should not be slurped down right before your appointment. The rest of the day is still ahead and there are more than enough hours to hit the century mark each day.  Plan the day with respect to treatment… including your eating and drinking habits. 

Next for the drummer is chemo and radiation, plus meeting up with both oncologists.  Now is a great time to cypher out the next day’s hydration plan with respect to chemo and radiation. 

See… a little less ignorant than yesterday!!! 

Wanna help lower the drummer’s ignorance even more?  Share your best hack. 


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