Chemotherapy’s Most Notable Side Effect For The Drummer!!!

Radiation treatment crushed this Reluctant Participant in the cancer space.  Virtually all my issues, trials, and tribulations stemmed from the daily microblast of the neck and throat area.  Chemotherapy did not seem to be an issue beyond the first week… or so I thought. I recently discovered one minor side effect that pissed me off in major ways:  WORDS WOULD NOT WORK!!!

I could not accurately type words to save my life!!!

I knew what I was thunking as my fingers moved across the keyboard.  Unfortunately, I fat-fingered a lot of letters and misspelled a lot of words along the way.  At first, I’d go back and fix each error at the point of commission… driving me more and more bonkers with every reversal.  The keyboard endured my wrath!!! This whole time I am not associating the issue with chemotherapy or radiation.  I just kept making a lot of mistakes and throwing hissy fits. I eventually discovered that I should press through all the mistakes and correct the errors during review and edit.  At least the hissy fits went away.

Radiation and Chemotherapy were suspended at the same time three weekends ago.  I kept bangin’ out blogs and working on assorted stuff at the computer without noticing all the mistakes.  Treatments resumed and the gradual descent continued: the skin of my neck began to show the first signs of being cooked from the inside out… sometimes splitting open like a Bratwurst on the Weber grill!!!  Now that is an attention getter, and one we paid close attention too. We have a solution to the skin problem, my throat is fully on the mend, and I am feeling good mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Now, with all this healing going on, I noticed the typing issue is back and realize it is more a result of the weekly chemotherapy sessions.  Tuesdays were the days of chemo service. It seemed to take about 48 hours for any side effects to surface, then another 72 hours for them to dissipate. The typing problems appeared most stubborn and persistent on Fridays and Saturdays.  By Sunday the issues were rapidly fading.

I do not remember hearing anything about such fine motor skills being diminished.  I gotta admit that some of the 365 day drum challenge sessions during all these treatments were not the most productive ones either.  I was very focused on developing the fine-motor skill set of playing the drumsticks with the fingers instead of the wrists. Some days I reverted to wrist work cuz my fingers just did not want to play my silly little games.  This was a minor issue in the grand design of all the side effects my Wendy and I encountered. 

I am curious if others have noticed diminished abilities at the finer motor skills level. 


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