Warrior, Fighter… Is That What Cancer Patients Are?

I love MMA matches.  They are exciting to watch: two well trained athletes who are willing to get in the octagon and go three to five rounds until the fight goes the distance, one fighter taps out, or one fighter gets knocked out.  These guys and ladies are warriors cuz they have trained themselves to reach that status.

Policemen, Firemen, Special Operations personnel, and other such vocations are similar.  They battle in very stressful environments everyday to keep a greater part of society safe against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Then I look at my situation as a cancer patient and realize this situation does not meet my understanding of what it means to be a warrior.  I am still not sure I am fighting for my life at this point. I have never felt threatened by the cancer itself cuz we caught it at an early stage and got the jump on it.  All the side effects I’ve written about are due to the treatment plans, not the cancer itself.

I am going through this cuz I have more things I’d like to do on the globe before my time is up.  I want to spend a lot more years with my Wendy, enjoying our lives together and our growing families as much as possible. I want to master the fine art of playing music and teaching music.  These are two art forms that intrigue me to this day. There are other things this little excursion has brought to mind that I will explore some more to see what I think and if I will try to do something with them or not.

Candidly, I was in a state of blissful ignorance on the day I got the diagnosis.  I did not know what to think on that day. I have more thoughts now... cuz I am a lot less blissful and a lot less ignorant too.

Sock Swag got started cuz of the people who serve in the cancer space, not cuz of the patients.  All the patients and their loved ones have my perpetual sympathy cuz I have some understanding of what “you got cancer” means.  But those who serve in this space… they are warriors.

All the vocations mentioned earlier are very demanding for sure.  I do not think these vocations cast these warriors into the brink of human suffering everyday.  The medical professionals have trained as hard as the rest. But I still am not persuaded that the heart of these servants is fully immune to the effect other people have on their lives every day.

I am reluctantly in the world of cancer.  I have yet to meet a patient who volunteered to get cancer.  I have also met those that choose to serve… they are my warriors in the human experience known as “suffering.” 


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