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Getting Closer To A Normalcy I Miss!!!

The slow, steady recovery is in motion.  This is nice, but I am getting a little impatient.

Over the past two weeks I have reached out to students and am glad to say most of them are returning for drum…


Welcome Back To The Notorious P E G Sessions!!!

Maintaining weight, proper hydration, and medicine intake through the feeding tube is a recurring event each day.  I take up my rightful spot at the feeding station and go through the same routine each time. There is not a lot…


Anyone Talk To You About The Soft Palate?

I remember hearing a lot about the Salivary Glands: the upper ones in the cheeks should not be affected by radiation… but the lower ones will suffer from the micro atomic blasts.  The pros said saliva would get thick and…


Chemotherapy’s Most Notable Side Effect For The Drummer!!!

Radiation treatment crushed this Reluctant Participant in the cancer space.  Virtually all my issues, trials, and tribulations stemmed from the daily microblast of the neck and throat area.  Chemotherapy did not seem to be an issue beyond the first week……


My Case Went A Little Bas-Ackwards!!!

Quick Update First:

Last night at the hospital was a lot of fun.  The night shift crew had a great time searching for the right pair of socks.  The message to them was… HUGE respect and appreciation to all those…


Gonna Share Some Night Shift Sock Swag

You ever work the night shifts, also known as swing shift and grave on the flight line?  It is the best time to work in a 24 hour operation. All the parents are gone, there are one or two supervisor…


Even Amidst Cancer’s Suck, You Can Find People That Suck!!!

We reluctant participants talk while sitting around during chemotherapy, waiting in lobbies, or cuing up to have blood drawn.  We feel like rats in the same sinking ship, and talking is the one way we unite to survive. We compare…


The Real Recovery Has Already Begun

I can eat and drink the old school way!!!

I ate some oatmeal yesterday and the day before... from a bowl... ... WITH A SPOON!  I had Bean with Bacon soup and juice earlier this morning. My goal is to…


The Sock Swag Project And You!!!

July 15, 2019 was the first day of radiation treatment.

July 16, 2019 was the birth of the Sock Swag Project though we did not realize what was happening at the time.  My Wendy and I knew we were going…


The Four Levels Of Suck Through All This Cancer Treatment!

There are five days of treatment left: five more microblasts and one last round of chemotherapy.  I do not think things will get much worse from this point forward, and believe me, things got pretty bad along the way.



"Human" "Papilloma" "Virus" Baffles The Drummer!!!

“Human.”  Okay, I know that word. 

“Papilloma.”  I know a little more than I did on June 4, 2019. 

“Virus.” I am good with that word too. 

Put them all together and you get this virus that may or may…


The Warrior Rant Resumes!!!

WARNING: this one is flightline style 

It is time to share this cancer patient’s perspective on the “battle with cancer” thingy.

I am not “a fighter,” “a warrior,” or any other noun, adjective, or verb that paints a picture of…


Ordinary Days Are Coming Into View!

Sock Swag going strong on the oncology floor at Kaweah Delta this Friday!!!

The hospital’s marketing department is working on a media day and inviting local news outlets to join us and capture the story.  The media stuff is greatly…


The Drugs…. THE DRUGS!!!

Let us put the drugs in perspective here.  There are three categories I see as the end user of these drugs:  

1. Drugs to treat the cancer.   

2. Drugs to counter the side effects every day.   

3. Drugs to counter…


Ever Want An Ordinary Day???

Ordinary… typical… usual… normal… average! 

Rare it is for people to ask for such day.  Then cancer comes along, disrupts yours and your family’s lives, and redefines such words.  You reach a point during treatment when you miss them ordinary…


The Pros & Cons Of Having The Notorious P E G Tube

Life with the Notorious P E G is different.  Really though… it boils down to a list of the pros and cons you live with.  It is all relative to what you prefer. Gordon Ramsey would hate life if all…


One Lesson Learned During Time In The Cancer Space

My Wendy and I have worked with Rotary’s Youth Exchange program for a couple of years now.  The US students that travel to distant lands repeatedly hear the same thing from the committee members:


ONE WORD says everything you…


Optimism Validated!!!

My health was down enough Tuesday that it prompted Dr. Bryson to suspend chemotherapy for one week.  He scheduled us for an assessment yesterday to check my weight and hydration levels.  My weight continues to steadily climb, and hydration was…


Riding a Wave of Optimism

My Wendy and I are feeling optimistic about finishing this cancer treatment off without so much discomfort and anymore delays.  We understand it can all change without our permission. We know we’ve even more deliberate in our attempts to manage…


Sock Swag Is Still Rolling Along…

The turn of events over the last 7 days forced Sock Swag into the background lately.  It is still going along for sure.

Monday was a great day to load up new patients with some Swag.  They were new to…


Back To Radiation Treatment

Yesterday was “Doctor Day.”  We met with both doctors (at different times) to discuss the status of treatment.  Dr. Bryson’s efforts to crack the gag-reflex code was enough to convince me to resume radiation treatment too.  Dr. Bryson also chose…


Warrior, Fighter… Is That What Cancer Patients Are?

I love MMA matches.  They are exciting to watch: two well trained athletes who are willing to get in the octagon and go three to five rounds until the fight goes the distance, one fighter taps out, or one fighter…


Weight Loss 2 . 0

Another bad weekend is now behind us.  In its wake are eight pounds that did not think they needed to stick around any longer.  I reckon I was on the binge and purge diet… heavy on the purge side that…