A Big Thank You For All The Swaggery!!!

My Wendy and I sooooooooooo appreciate all the awesome Sock Swag we’ve received over the last three weeks! 

We had no idea we’d gain so much support while we share our legit appreciation and respect to those who choose to serve in the cancer space.  Doctors, nurses, staff members and patients have smiled so much because of all the shared Swag. Some people are bringing in their own Swag to see who has strongest Sock Game.   

Support has come from around the nation as well as across our city of Visalia, California.  My Wendy has family and friends across the land, and some people from my Air Force years have offered up some awesome Swag too. Locally, family members have offered up great Swaggery, and friends from Rotary, work, Leadership Visalia, students, and the personal life have added a lot to the collection. 

More gooder vibes are the results of all the support.  Moods are lightened, smiles abound, and there is a little excitement in the air at the treatment centers… all because of a bunch of silly socks.   

Who would’ve thunk it, right!?!?!?!?! 

To all that offered Swag support, from near and far… 

My Wendy and I most sincerely thank you!!! 


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