A Memorial For One Far Too Young!!!

I was out for a morning walk-about around 5:00 in the morning.  The streets were empty; the air was free of garbage truck stench; and the sound of frogs croaking, crickets chirping, and dogs barking drifted throughout the neighborhood.  The sights, smells, and sounds of humanity were pleasingly absent! My pace was casual as it was my first walk-about since surgery. 

I rounded the corner to begin the second long stretch of the walk.  A majestic oak tree was there to greet me as it had many times before.  It held its firm position in the center of the street with a concrete border that outlines the surrounding island.  Something different about the tree piqued my interest as I stayed the course. The ground around the tree and inside the border was illuminated.  My gradual approach brought the unusual light display into view. 

It was an impromptu memorial scene, paying respects to and honoring a young man that passed away far too early in life.  Family and Friends put together a memorial with lit candles and various objects that summed up this young man's life. 

A large plaque that you can see at the beginning of the video shows the scene honored “DK.”  A Pioneer Football shirt from one of the local high schools was on display.  Approximately 100 glass candles (some lit, some not) were placed around the oak tree; along with wreaths, cards, flowers, and assorted memorabilia that tell bits and pieces of DK’s story.  Such a sight inspired me to ponder what types of memorabilia people would spread around that majestic oak tree in the middle of the street if it were me instead of DK. 

Cancer, like other potentially terminal conditions, opens the door for such thoughts and feelings.  For some, it may be the first time they face the fact that they’re only immortal for a limited time. 

Today… how would your memorial look to the uninformed? 

What tale will it tell? 

Do you love the tale others would tell? 

  • Do more of what you’ve been doing. 

Do you hate the tale others would tell? 

  • Today, while it is called Today, (if you hate the story others would tell) change the things you are doing!!!! 

Our reputations precede us, and our reputations will outlive us for a while.  

Today, while we are vertical on the globe, is the only opportunity each of us has to build our reputation.   

Our reputation is merely the sum of all our yesterdays’ effects we’ve had on the people we encounter.  Those peeps are the ones who tell our story (as they experienced it) when we are absent. 

How are you influencing those who are the storytellers of your life? 

Such are the thoughts and feelings I encounter while on the Unwanted Detour Tour.  This subject already intrigued me. Its taken on new significance now that I have joined my parents on the walk-about of cancer treatment. 

Comments, hacks, and insights are greatly appreciated, my friends.  Words of inspiration and encouragement make a world of difference too.  Such things are quality-of-life for us and our peeps!!! 


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