A Much Needed Day Off From the World of Cancer

The Unwanted Detour Tour brings new activities into a normal life: appointments, new words and phrases, the Big Doughnut, chemotherapy, cancer cells, side effects, etc.  It overwhelms the mind, heart, and soul. So… what is a drummer to do? Travel with his Wendy to the beach for a respite from all this new and unsolicited activity. 

My Wendy and her boss had some business to tend to in Grover Beach.  Her boss was kind enough to let the drummer tag along, figuring he’d like a brief intermission from the Unwanted Detour Tour.  She was right!!! 

The drummer started the respite days off as usual: reading the Word, writing and posting blogs, and knocking out Day 250, 251 and  252 of the 365 Day Challenge. Beyond that… it was time to decompress and ignore the impending treatment. We had one full day in Grover Beach that was book-ended by travel days.  So the drummer went “walkabout” for a few hours of the full day. 

His first destination was a guitar shop that was two miles from the house.  The walk was leisurely. Mr. Drummer absorbed the sights and sounds of a small coastal town.  Mind you, he never made it to the beach. He strolled down a main artery of the town checking out the local shops and businesses.  The vibe was very relaxed, except for the hustle and bustle of the traffic itself. He reached Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven!!! 

The Elvis statue in front of the store brought back memories of the previous visit.  The drummer and his bass-playing son stopped in a few years ago. The bass player bought a nice Warwick bass!  This visit wasn’t nearly so eventful. The drummer just gazed at all the guitars. The inventory consisted of guitars from a lot of different companies.  The norm is to see two or three top brands, and a few less reputable ones on the walls. Here? Fender, Gibson, Paul Reed Smith, Ibanez, Martin, Taylor and more top brands were on display.  Guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles lined the walls and hung from the ceiling. It is quite an impressive sight to find in a town that may not be well known beyond the borders of California.  However, it was so nice to be immersed in a world so far from the world of cancer. But, alas, it was time for the drummer to start the return stroll. 

He ambled into an antique store as he coasted along the sidewalk.  It was an average store with all kinds of scrounge. The phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” always crosses the drummer’s mind when entering antique and thrift stores.  You just never what you will find, right? The drummer happened across something of sentimental value. 

He and his brother-in-law were playing cribbage a few days before.  The drummer’s dad was an avid cribbage player that had a collection of unique cribbage boards.  One was in the shape of the number 29. This is a cherished memory from the drummer’s childhood. Zero thought went into the purchase of the board that brought back those childhood memories.  It had all the pieces and an old deck of cards with it too. It is a treasured piece of the drummer’s formative years and a lasting memory of the grumpy old man that was his dad. 

The remaining stroll was uneventful.  The ocean breeze carried the fragrance of the sea as it swept away all care and concern about the world of cancer.   

A little of escapism can be a healthy thing, but absolute seclusion from the truth and reality is entirely different.  Some find their escapism in video games, music, sports, gardening, woodwork, knitting, pets, shopping, etc. We all need a way to escape life’s pressing issues occasionally.   

Decompress…. Vent…. Let go….  Those issues are not going anywhere without you! 

What is your favorite means of escape? 

Where is your happy space? 

Please share a little.  The drummer is curious! 


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