A New Art Form...

Yep... the drum coach is getting into a new art form.  Well... new to him!

It is the art of the flip: buying an under-priced item, and selling that same item in a market that is willing to pay more for it.

You see it on the grand scale in real estate. 

  • Buy house for $100,000
  • Dump $15,000 into improvements
  • Sell for $200,000
  • Walk away with $85,000 in profit.

The coach ain't going big like that.  He is a newbie to the art of the flip.  After all, he didn't decide to play drums one day and then go audition for Rush or Frank Zappa the following day.

What is the why?


I suck at selling things.  It doesn't matter what the goods or services are... I suck.  It is like I cannot sell a glass of water to a thirsty person!  Well... I finally embraced this one truth:

"I must offer things of value to other people, and create an income stream while doing so."

It is time for me to become a practitioner of this newly discovered art form.  The art form is as old as music, perhaps older.  And, like music, I must learn, discover and master this art form as a daily practitioner.  There are some principles that equally apply to all the arts 

  • Study the theoretical ideas and the history of the art 
  • Do 10,000 hours... and then another 10,000 hours on skills development and mastery 
  • Exploration, creation, and innovation 
  • Share the art form with others (Like on this blog)

The 10,000 hours is where it is at.  Read all you want about paradiddles, but you wont get more gooder until you play    R l r r  L r l l    incessantly... 10,000 reps and then 10,000 more.  Buying and selling demand the same commitment... incessant reps to achieve flawless and effortless "execution."

I hear of others who support themselves and their families through the art of the flip.  Candidly, there is some debt to pay off, and it will take a long time and a lot of interest payments to clear the debt out.  So, for the drum coach, there is real motive to learn, practice, and master this art form.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.  

And please share any proven tips you have.

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