An Incredible Journey

This was one incredible experience for the drummer!!!

However, before sharing some of the highlights... 

The drummer is eternally appreciative and forever indebted to those who were kind enough to bless him with a lot of prayers and a little lunch money that supported the missionary work.  The drummer's role (both in the music and beyond the music) was to be a solid foundation others could stand upon as they carried out their responsibilities.  He provided support and stability for all on the team, from the tour leaders to those on their first trip with Celebrant Singers.  You who shared your prayers and lunch money are the reason the drummer could travel with the team, be a good foundation for the team, and share God's word through beautiful music with the people of Peru.  

So here are some highlights from the Peruvian mission fields...

The team was composed of great people unified around a common goal: to share God's love and His beautiful message through music.  It was truly amazing to see how God brings together people from the United States, Slovenia, and Guatemala and turns them loose in Peru to carry out His mission as a united team.  Here are two things that left a lasting impression on the drummer.  

Let's talk about the kids...

Audra, Rebekah, and Ana have a true gift that seemed to escape the rest of the team.  These three always loved the kids the team encountered in Peru.  The ladies played with the kids and showed them the love of God by accepting them as they are while playing games and laughing with them.  One young lady became so attached to Ana... she fell asleep in Ana's arms and stayed there for more than an hour.  When she awoke, she chose to stay in Ana's lap for at least another 45 minutes or so.  Other team members connected with kids as the trip went on, but Audra, Rebekah, and Ana were the three who consistently spent time with the kids and loved them without reservation...  kinda like the way God has done for each of us.  Within the music, the drummer was excited and eager to see and hear one part of every performance!!!

Rudolfina and Ana's violin duets...

Barry, the tour director, would talk with each audience about how God can be praised with stringed instruments.  As he talked, "Ruda" and Ana would take center stage.  Sadly, mere words cannot "splain" what happened next, but the drummer will try all the same.

The two sisters from Slovenia would launch into the most amazing expressions of love and adoration for the God who blessed them with the ability to draw such beautiful sound from their violins.  Add their elegant expressiveness to the beauty of their music and you'll have a unique and captivating experience every time.  The drummer sure did!!!  They did not play their violins or music.  They conveyed the sincerest emotions of love and awe for God the drummer has ever seen.  God creates a new level of INCREDIBLE each time Rudolfina and Ana place their hands on bows and strings.

The team did 15 performances in seven days; the first two days were loaded with three performances each day and every performance was at a different venue.  The mornings started with loading up the bus with the instruments, sound gear, and the people; and ended every night with unloading that same bus.  It truly was a labor of love.  The team was supported and blessed by...

Martin Reeves: a gentleman that personifies "labor of love"...

Martin has been in Trujillo, Peru for 13 years and has established four churches in that time.  He is the reason our team went to Trujillo.  He worked with Celebrant Singers back in the day (like, waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day).  He hosted the team, provided food and shelter, arranged the performances, served as the team's interpreter and translator, and who knows the other things he and his family did for the team.  His mild and sincere demeanor was amazing as he pointed the team in the right direction.  

The team shared God's message and music; prayed over people who sought out Jesus Christ; and worshiped the Lord God Almighty in Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, and various other churches.  The team did the same in schools and orphanages throughout the city... even on a soccer field in the middle of the city.  Martin set each service up, and the team faithfully did the things God trained and prepared it do do.  

Like the Celebrant Singers, Martin's efforts are supported through donations and contributions from those who believe in the missions work Martin and his family accomplish in Trujillo.  U.S. Dollars stretch a long way in Trujillo's economy.  The drummer will be sending some drachma to Martin each month to continue supporting his efforts in Peru.  You can do the same by checking out the following site

Under the "Give To A Missionary" Heading, Enter:

  • Amount you wish to bless Martin and Family's Efforts
  • 0266 (The Reeves' four-digit Missionary ID)
  • "Give"... it is that quick and easy

Each person on the Celebrant Singers Reprise team was affected in ways we did not expect.  The drummer is VERY glad he took part in this labor of love.  He has been looking for a way to merge two parts of his life that are very important to him: his relationship with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit; and the joy that music provides to all people, whether they listen or perform.  Do not be surprised when you see the drummer journey into the fields with Celebrant Singers in 2018!!!


That's His Rumor and He's Sticking To It!  



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