... And Then My Flesh Started Waking UP!!!

Surgery was completed on June 12th.   I woke up in post-op late that morning and I felt pretty good.   I was alert and aware of my surroundings and the room’s activity.   I watched the staff quietly go about its business as other patients were rolled into the post op room.   I even worked on hand-foot coordination exercises for an hour as I awaited the slow-roll to my final destination that day. 

We left the hospital at 11:00 Thursday morning, June 13th, and headed straight back to Visalia.  I went into the drum room and got another hour of practice in. You see, I still have that 365 day goal that I'm trying to accomplish but I’ll share more about that later. 

I finally looked at the incision and saw just how much the doctor cut me up.  The incision is about 5 inches long. It follows the contour of the muscles from the bottom of my right ear lobe  down to just above my right collarbone. I'm guessing the doctor peeled the muscles back quite a bit to access the lymph node and associated parts.  I felt really good over the next few days. The incision, the right side of my neck, as well as my right cheek and jaw bone remained numb. 

That all started to change this past Monday… and that’s when my flesh started waking up!!! 

On Tuesday, my cheekbone was coming back to life, and the incision felt that sense of tension and strain when I turned my head too far to one side. 

Wednesday...  things were getting painful.  It was time to break out the pain medicine, just enough to keep the pain at bay.  Each day since adds a little more feeling, sensation, and some mild pain. The pain med causes drowsiness, so combat naps break out from time to time too.   

So this is my road to recovery.  And this is just the pregame stuff.  The oncology game cannot start until the following pregame activities are completed: 

  • Full recovery from this surgery - in work 
  • Dental exam and repairs completed - that starts this Wednesday. 

My Wendy and I will check in with Dr. Evans this Monday.  I think he will guestimate the recovery time. 

So there is a lot of waiting for me and My Wendy. 

Is there someone who may find this entertaining, useful, or both?  Please share it with her or him. 

Got a question or a curiosity?  Feel free to ask. 

Any advice or suggestions for the drummer?  Offer them up!!! My Wendy and I lean upon each other every day we’re taking this unexpected detour.  If you can break an insight, don’t hold out on us. 



  • Curtis Berge
    Curtis Berge Eastampton, New Jersey
    Glad your recovery is going well.

    Glad your recovery is going well.

  • The Drum Coach... Eric Anderson
    The Drum Coach... Eric Anderson
    Thank you much my friend. Pre-game will be the easy part. These next few weeks will be slow for sure

    Thank you much my friend. Pre-game will be the easy part. These next few weeks will be slow for sure

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