Art of the Flip: You Only Need to be Wrong ONCE!!!

The Art of the Flip is human interaction.  Humans are really cool to interact with… but not all of them.  Some are real turds.  You know; predators, perpetrators… PERPS!!!   

They’ll take advantage of you when given the chance.  

Sadly, you and I only need to be wrong once. 

Cuz of a few real TURDS out there, consider the following and make them a part of your daily activities and practices.  The following list is not all-inclusive. It is meant to spur you to think about such things as you get started. Most people think about such things AFTER they encountered a turd.   

Save yourself a lot of grief and misery… set up your daily habits and practices to address your safety and security.   

It can be the one thing that separates the practitioner from the victim. 

Physical Well Being - Think about your safety when you meet the person (people) on the other side of the deal.  (Unfortunately, large items make it difficult to apply some of the following suggestions) 

  • Do Not Get Caught Alone 
    • Meet in a public place that is well lit and has spectators 
    • Meet in a decent part of town 
    • Bring another person with you 
    • Do not seal the deal close to your car… this makes it easy for a turd to see your vehicle for future reference 
    • Pay attention to the other person’s car, and make sure it leaves before you do   
  • Think About Your Family… 
    • Meet at a neutral place instead of your home 
    • Set up a PO Box so you are not sharing your home address
  • When it is necessary to finish a deal at home 
    • Always have another person at home with you. (A big dog is a great deterrent too.  I prefer the big dog approach cuz he’ll be there to greet the turd when you are not at home.) 
    • Place the item you’re selling in the driveway and keep the garage door closed
    • Do not invite the person into your house 

Mental and Emotional Well Being 

  • Focus first on the issues pertaining to Physical Well Being… 
  • Develop the skills needed to respond to people instead of react to their emotions 
  • Get out of a deal when you realize the other person is a turd - there will always be a person you can do business with 
  • Do not given out contact information until it is necessary.  Most apps enable you to message people without share your personal information.  Take advantage of those services. 

Financial Well Being… this one will be addressed in greater detail in future blog posts 

TURDS are out there!!!  Save yourself a lot of grief and misery… set up your daily habits and practices to address your safety and security.   

Become the practitioner instead of the victim. 

In future posts, we’ll dig into the different apps and their pros and cons; and we’ll link them back to the issues in this blog.

Got more safety and security tips?  Share them in the comments.

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