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Yesterday was “Doctor Day.”  We met with both doctors (at different times) to discuss the status of treatment.  Dr. Bryson’s efforts to crack the gag-reflex code was enough to convince me to resume radiation treatment too.  Dr. Bryson also chose to suspend the chemotherapy until the radiation treatments resume.

We discussed everything with Dr. R, my oncologist later that afternoon.  She is running the radiation side of my treatment. She shared that the approach to my treatment is a little bas-ackwards too.   I think she mentioned it before, but a babe in cancer land misses a lot of stuff the first time around.

The norm is to nuke something with cancer, to shrink it in place before removing it.  Dr. Evans, the Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor, opted to remove the enlarged lymph node and surrounding suspect parts, thus removing something to nuke.  Dr. R and her team are now running a treatment plan based on treating components that are in place… but they are not.

As we talked yesterday, she mentioned that the hard part about my case is that nobody can see the progress that has been made cuz the suspect areas was removed already.  That made sense to me, once I understood what the norm is and how we deviated in this case. 

I was back in the chamber with Greg and Kirk to play my role as Hannibal Lecter.  They locked me down to the table and went to the control for the daily session.

Things have remained stable thus far.  No gagging… no throwing up. A little sleep throughout 24 hours, and lots of waiting to fall asleep.  Actually, swallowing fluids has improved a bit cuz of this stuff call Viscous Lidocaine. It is a thick, viscous, clear liquid that numbs my throat and the back of my tongue.  That shit works……. Fo…. SHO!!!!!!!!!!!! It kills a lot of pain, which makes it a lot easier to swallow liquids. There is still a lot of coughing and hacking up thick saliva and mucous and that is to be expected these days.

I will board the good ship Chemo so Dr. Bryson can make the call on resuming my chemotherapy this Friday.


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