Ever Want An Ordinary Day???

Ordinary… typical… usual… normal… average! 

Rare it is for people to ask for such day.  Then cancer comes along, disrupts yours and your family’s lives, and redefines such words.  You reach a point during treatment when you miss them ordinary days of the precancerous lifestyle.

Yesterday was my first day of enjoying one of those ordinary days before all the treatments come to an end.  I was out of the house for seven hours and none of them spent were at a treatment facility!!! The hours were filled with a family visit, two drum lessons, and hanging with a young man that allows me to be his mentor.

I got to visit my mommy and her dogs!!!

She did her time with cancer while I was in the Air Force.  Her life is full and busy today, though she has minor issues that persist cuz of the1980’s style cancer treatment she endured.  We talked for an hour, comparing notes of our experiences. She repeatedly mentioned how impressed she was by the advancements and the support my Wendy and I have received while playing the silly little cancer game.  I even ate a chocolate chip cookie, and


We said our good-byes as I left for my first of two lessons.  This student and I have been digging into improving bass drum pedal technique and more efficient execution when playing.  He is actually going to benefit a lot from my time in the cancer space.

I spent the better part of the last four weeks in solitary confinement at the house.  There were many days spent playing this silly little cancer game & working the 365 day challenge, and nothing more cuz that was all I could accomplish.  I spent a lot of time studying better pedal technique with this student mind, not to mention watching my own skills develop more as I strengthen the foundation of my own playing.  I was very excited as I left his place to meet a new student.

She is in middle school, has an older sister that plays drums, and is very curious.  We were together for an hour… learning the anatomy of a drum set, adjusting her bass drum pedal, discovering the least amount of effort needed to play a drum stick, and understanding the basics of reading drum charts.  She was playing the basic rhythm to Michael Jackson’s, “Billie Jean,” and Weezer’s “Beverly Hills” by session’s end. She did not have either drum beat up to song tempo when I left. I am confident she will play them well when she plays them a little bit every day.  That is the way music works. Alas, our time came to an end. I picked up my brotha so we could spend some time together.

We’ve been hanging tough together for three years now.  We meet up on Mondays, usually over dinner. We’ve become pretty tight too.  Past conversations have covered many topics: family, credit verses debt, sports, cars, music, Christianity, politics, breaking out of small town USA, among other topics.  There is no off-limit subject between us.

We munched some Panda Express.  Well… he munched. I nibbled and took most of it home to my son.  We then made our way to Guitar Center to check out the gear and play around.  Finally, there was a pit stop at Starbucks to hook a brotha up before ending our weekly session at his house.

This is a good snapshot of my ordinary Mondays before the silly little cancer game entered my life.  Believe me when I say yesterday was a great and wonderful Ordinary Day: a day of hanging out with good peeps, learning more about drumming and the art of teaching, and NO excessive time spent at a treatment facility!!!


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