From Reluctant Actor To Active Participant in 24 Hours or Less!!!

Yesterday was the day to ring the bell three times to proclaim to all at the Radiation Station that my 37 days of radiation treatment were DONE!!!  I was a reluctant participant throughout it all. I did not want to endure any of it. But… the alternative did not look very appealing, so I donned my Big Boy Huggies, sucked it up, and followed the path my Wendy and I were on against our will.  I discovered over this past weekend there is a point when it is time to transition from being a reluctant actor to an active participant in the cancer space.

I was going through the motions of the nutrition, hydration, and side effect management plans on Saturday; not giving much thought to it all… just blissful compliance!  I woke up on Sunday feeling really great. I wanted to eat real food… you know, chewing, drinking and swallowing like all the other humans. I wanted to be with family around the table and eat while being social.  So I did… and it… was... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

In so doing, I kind of blew off the plans.  I felt great throughout the day, and even played some drums at a country jam session that afternoon.  Bedtime rolled around and all was still good. That is where the euphoria ended. I woke during the night as usual, but the nightly routine was far from normal.

I sat at the computer in the music room to knock out the daily routine; but I felt tired, fatigued, and cold.  I tried to work on things but the space between my ears would not come to life like usual. Back to bed I went.  45 - 60 minutes later, I am vertical and feeling the same levels of fatigue. My hips and knees ached which was uncommon.  I went through this sleep-wake cycle all through the night, never leaving our bedroom until we departed for the Radiation Station.  I still felt fatigued.

My Wendy was quick to remind me to stay on top of the nutrition and hydration.  The nurses echoed her concerns while we here at the Radiation Station. I climbed back into bed when we returned to the house.  I finally got enough sleep. I woke up in the afternoon feeling normal and ready to run the script of the daily routine.

I would take breaks from the routine to actively put myself back on all three plans.  I slacked off for one day and paid the price for it the following day. No more of that!!!

I want the port and the Notorious P E G gone from my person.  This means I need to maintain my body weight and proper hydration levels throughout the recovery process.  The time of passive involvement is over. It is time for me to do all I can to hasten the healing process… without overdoing it. The plans we followed before Sunday worked great.  I need to stick with what works.

The plans are dialed in now, and I will gradually wean myself off the P E G as chewing and swallowing improve.  My Wendy and I are using aloe vera (direct from the plant) on my neck. I think it is making a world of difference with respect the skin’s healing.  Most of the skin on my neck looks good, and will only get better from here on.

My goal is to have all the aftermarket parts removed from my carcass by the end of September.  Now is the time for active participation in the execution of my recovery plan. It is the best way to reach these goals.

There’s a life to live and I need to get to the end of this detour known as cancer treatment. 


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