Getting Closer To A Normalcy I Miss!!!

The slow, steady recovery is in motion.  This is nice, but I am getting a little impatient.

Over the past two weeks I have reached out to students and am glad to say most of them are returning for drum lessons.  School just started and drum lines are chopping out. This is always an exciting time for lessons!!!

I am very excited to add two new students to the roster too.  One is an 11 year old lady that is learning drums. We’ve been together for three lessons, and she has shown me she cracked the code of how to read drum music and translate it to beats on a drum set.  She is already playing some Tom Petty and Weezer tunes. She is a good natured young lady that is a little intimidated about mistakes.

Mistakes are a common part of music and are not a big deal once we realize mistakes are a BIG part of learning.  There is another lady I will meet up with today.

She is a bass player that wants to understand music theory and her instrument better.  She wants to reach a point where she can hear a song, grab a bass, and quickly start playing along with the song.  This goal is very achievable!


Song structure and music theory stuff are quite simple to understand and apply once musicians get out of the way and distill the system down to its fundamental truths.  We musicians are extremely guilty of over complicating the language of music when we try to explain how music is constructed. I am not sure how or why it got so convoluted, but it did. It is time to change that one student at a time.

Lessons on the calendar are a big part of the normalcy I want back in my life.  Playing with bands and Buckets and Sticks sessions are parts, but that must wait until the Notorious P E G is removed later this month.  Working with my Wendy on Rotary Youth Exchange and traveling are a couple of things that were interrupted by this cancer treatment stuff.  Such things I look forward to as well. 

Perhaps it does not sound like much.  Give up what you enjoy and it becomes a big deal!!! 


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