Gonna Share Some Night Shift Sock Swag

You ever work the night shifts, also known as swing shift and grave on the flight line?  It is the best time to work in a 24 hour operation. All the parents are gone, there are one or two supervisor positions filled, and everybody just works their butt off!  I love those days. The only shortcoming would be the lack of recognition for the crew by the hire-ups. The two supervisors would get all the props for the work that was accomplished, and may or may not pass that along to the crew. 

That just does not work in the world of Sock Swag…!!!

That crew of night shift nurses and techs gots to know that they do some amazing work just like their day shift counterparts.  Sock Props got to be given direct to those who do some amazing work. This is something that cannot and will not be delegated.

My Wendy and I will be back on the 3 South Floor this evening to encourage the night shift and share our message of honor, respect, and appreciation with those on the crew.  We’re excited as always to share this message cuz it seems to be the one message that gets lost in the mix a lot.


I am on a quest to see one day a year [JULY 16] as the day all people in the cancer space will be wearing some Sock Swag as a loud statement to all the servants in the cancer space.

“We appreciate the amazing ways you serve us reluctant participants (sisters and brothers in cancer) and we respect your willingness to voluntarily be here with us!”

July 16th is the first day My Wendy and I watched two nurses on the Good Ship Chemo as they served us all.  Their humility, grace, and compassion crushed the drummer’s heart. Ask my Wendy… she’ll tell you that doesn’t happen very often. We then observed the Radiation Station Crew and saw those same characteristics... simply amazed we were and still are to this day!!!

We have no idea how it is going to play out, but believe that it will come to fruition cuz it is a message that must be shared by those who respect and appreciate… the reluctant participants and those who support their loved ones!

You got suggestions?

We’re listening!  Please leave them here or send them to

m.me/sockswagproject on Facebook



I know the next place we want to visit is Valley Children’s Hospital’s Oncology floor.  We’ll need some kid sized socks… though I’ve seen young kids don the thigh high socks and call it “Good to Go.”


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