Hacking Cancer's Side Effects

Eating and drinking is difficult, but not impossible these days.   

Back in the day, before the side effects kicked in, I’d eat soup from the Batman mug.  Fill it up all the way, pitch large scoops of soup in my mouth, and finish off the whole can of soup in 10 minutes or less.  Those days are gone for a while. 

Yesterday’s scenario was more like this: fill up the pudding cup, use our granddaughter’s baby spoon to severely limit the amount of each scoop, slowly swallow this small amount.  It took three pudding cups and about 40 minutes to eat one can of soup.   

That pudding cup and baby spoon is the only way I can eat now.  Every bite of food needs to be that small cuz it hurts that much to swallow.  So a lot more time is spent just eating to stay alive. 

That is it… this is the world I live in today.   


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