Healthy Information? Really!!!!

Information is EVERYWHERE!!!

We are surrounded by, smothered in, immersed in, engulfed in, and enveloped by information every day.  It is somewhat difficult to escape.  It does not sound like anything important until you try to escape it or hide from it.  That's when information makes its dominant position in society known.

This past week was an "information fast" for me with Sunday being a Low Tech day.  What was missed during the fast?  Absolutely nothing.

Depressing news wasn't missed at all.  The hard to find feel-good story gets buried under countless articles that all point out how bad things are.  A lot of good things happened during last week's fast.  I know... cuz I watched them happen.  Replace the news with your own eye-witness accounts of the things that are happening around you.  Decide for yourself how good or how bad life is.

Social Media's absence wasn't missed either.  Many people rail against Facebook while posting rants about politics, religion, sports, foods, pop stars, and recreational drama.  It was nice to be ignorant of such "information."  I'll check Facebook occasionally, and that is about it.  The app is not on my phone; and it is the first of a few social media apps to go.

In this data vacuum, focused attention was directed towards information that can be immediately used to achieve some of this year's goals.  A Yes or No answer to the following question is now an effective data discriminator:

"Will I immediately use this information for something important, something that builds my foundation?"  

A simple Yes or No is all it takes to determine if it is worth consuming or absorbing the information

Everyone is susceptible to information overload, which can cause both mental and emotional health issues.  Cut the useless, depressing information.  Replace it with more relevant information: better yet, build relationships with family and friends, get into a hobby, or find a creative outlet.  My wife and I spent Lo Tech Sunday cleaning out the cars: deep cleaning like removing the seats, and shampooing the carpet and seats (Remember that feeling you get when yours or your loved one's car breaks down?).  

Putting time into yourself, your loved ones and the things you possess will alter your quality of life more than the vast majority of information you can absorb.

Information directly affects mental and emotional health.  Be a data discriminator.  Filter out the useless and depressing.  There are more than enough good things in life to replace no-value information with.

Share your thoughts below, especially if you've found a creative way to cut the useless information from your life.

That My Rumor and I'm Sticking To It!

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