"Human" "Papilloma" "Virus" Baffles The Drummer!!!

“Human.”  Okay, I know that word. 

“Papilloma.”  I know a little more than I did on June 4, 2019. 

“Virus.” I am good with that word too. 

Put them all together and you get this virus that may or may not be sexually transmitted that affects the squamous cells throughout the body.  I guess the squamous cells and papilloma go together somehow, but I am still a bit foggy on that. But here is the word that bakes my noodle! 


In drummer logic, it stands to reason that we’re talking about humans cuz we are dealing with Humans that have cancer linked to Papilloma Virus… like it is a given.  So why put Human in the title? Is it to draw a distinction between those who have Human Papilloma Virus and those that have… say… Bovine Papilloma Virus? 

If that's the case, how does a person contract BPV (if it exists)?  Learning about the ways humans can contract the virus makes me wonder if there are other Papilloma Viruses out there, if people are diagnosed with such a virus, and (worst of all) what did they do to get such a virus from a mammal of the bovine persuasion?  

I think I will stop it right there!!! 


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