Managing The Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment Can Take Over Your Day

The Deployed Pharmacy... and it's gonna get bigger!!!

I finally sat down last night with this new collection of pills to figure out and set up a schedule that ensures I get what I need when I need it.  One pit stop at my deployable pharmacy (DP) takes a little extra time when all the drugs need to be administered through a PEG tube (PT). I love the PT, given the two choices I have.  However, it adds more time to something I’m not familiar with: popping pills every day.

I broke down the list of the prescribed meds in two categories: what must be taken daily, and what will be taken on an as needed basis.  That was a good first step as it cut the batch in half. There is one drug that must be taken five times a day for seven days, so there are five pit stops at the DP alone with the PT at the ready.

Some drugs are in pill or tablet form.  More time at the DP will be spent crushing them up so they can glide through the PT and into the Tummy Tum.  Next is the formula from the dietitian.

This formula is part of the nutrition plan and will require me to take 8 ounce portions eight times a day via the PT.  Yep… eight pit stops at the DP when the formula arrives in the beginning. The number of trips will decrease as I discover how much formula I can take at a time.

One thing I am confident about.  Dehydration should not be an issue again.  Everything that goes through the tube will be accompanied by water to ensure (at the very least) that the tube remains purged and cleaned out.  Water will also carry the crushed up pills and tablets to their final resting place.

I waved bye-bye to sleep patterns shortly after the treatments started and take combat naps as needed.  I am not depriving myself of sleep… just spreading it out through the day. More time committed to managing the side effects!!! 

All of this change in activity is due to the side effects brought on by the methods used to wipe out cancer, not the cancer itself.  It is one thing to read and comprehend these side effects. The mind tries to imagine. Then the reality sets in and it is time to live with them on a daily basis… that's when it becomes real and takes over your life.


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