My Case Went A Little Bas-Ackwards!!!

Quick Update First:

Last night at the hospital was a lot of fun.  The night shift crew had a great time searching for the right pair of socks.  The message to them was… HUGE respect and appreciation to all those who CHOOSE to serve those who suffer.  Their choice to be there is what Sock Swag is all about.


I did not realize that my case deviates from the norm… story of my life,right?  Here is the order of events that happened in my case...

The enlarged lymph node was cut out and additional samples were taken to confirm or deny cancer’s presence in the sampled areas.  Zero indications during the post-op pathology work. Dr. Evans decided to pull the lymph node while my body was in the best shape possible.  He mentioned the tissue is best to work with before it gets nuked. Plus the recovery would be a lot faster too. Made sense to me… and he was right!  Next?

37 days of radiation on my neck and throat and seven rounds of chemotherapy to boot.

I am down to one day of radiation left!!!!

About a week ago, I found out we reversed the order of how cancer is normally treated.  Let’s say you have a cancerous tumor in your thigh.

Seems like the norm is to use radiation and chemotherapy to shrink the tumor down in place to a size that is much easier to remove and far less life threatening when it is time to remove the tumor.

We did not do that in my case.  However, it may not be necessary cuz I have what seems to be a common form of cancer.  My Wendy and I have met two other guys going through the exact same thing. One guy finished his treatment last week, and the other will be done two week after me.

The Radiation Crew had enough data from previous cases.  So they built the plan for my treatment based on all the data and practical experience they accumulated over the years.

I am good with the whole thing.  I am not worried about norms and deviations nearly as much as I am about returning to full health and living a life instead of merely existing.


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