My Wendy’s Perspective On The First Day of Chemotherapy

The following was penned by my Wendy in a journal she keeps on her night stand.  I invited her to add a post whenever, and she offered this one. 

Seems like that first day of chemotherapy left an indelible impression on both of us.  That is when we fully understood that we going deep into a world we do not know.   


July 16, 2019 

Cancer is no respecter of persons.  That is what we all say and all hear.  I have always believed that statement to be true.  However, never has it been so real to me until today. 

As Eric and I walked into the back room where reclining chairs stood all in a row, I hear… 

“Wendy?  Is that you?  It’s me, Sandra!” 

She was sitting in one of the infamous reclining chemo chairs… Sandra from back in the day, and her husband Daniel at her side.  She announced to me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

We made our way across the room to the reclining chair Eric had chosen.  Nurse Maggie got him all connected. And just like that, chemotherapy had begun.

Minutes ticked by and became hours as I watched the infamous chairs fill up one by one.  Women, men, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, young men… it didn’t matter. Cancer struck them all.  One young man came walking in with a baseball cap on his head and slides on his feet. That could be Jacob, my son who is about the same age.  His girlfriend was there for support along with his dad.

No respecter of persons… what a horrible disease!

Another thought struck me as I watched the reclining chairs fill up: look at those that are supporting their loved ones who are receiving cancer treatment.  Seeing them made me feel and realize we are not alone on this journey. There are many, many others going along the same journey. I was oddly comforted and saddened by that thought at the same time: comforted in knowing we are not very different from so many others, and saddened because cancer has hit so many people that we are not alone here today.

My wish and prayer is that no one would have to travel this road or take this journey.

One Chemo down and six more to go!



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