No Relief Over The Last 48 Hours

Today is day 4 of a five day break from radiation treatment.  We decided to take a break so I could have some relief from the side effects.  Unfortunately, there’s not been any relief in sight as of today. Things actually got a little worse.

I get less than 60 minutes of sleep at a time before being woken up by coughing and spitting out thick saliva.  Now… it is common for a hard cough to trigger a strong gag reflex that gets me to throw up. The gag reflex is so sensitive that even a full yawn will set it off.  I completely emptied my stomach a few times yesterday.  From that point it is all dry heaves!!!

The coughing, throwing up, and dry heaves are miserable; and my Wendy hears and sees all this happen too.  It is not pretty for either of us.

This is the essence of my last 48 hours without radiation treatment.  I hope this lets up today. We are both very tired of it all.


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