Normalcy... Can Be Therapeutic!

Take a look at the previous posts and it may not look like a very busy time.  It was an incredibly busy time for me and my Wendy. It was non-stop mental and emotional disruption and chaos from June 4 (the day I got the word) to June 13th (the day after surgery).  Medical community folks were setting up appointments, family and friends calling and texting to get the latest news, altering gig and lesson schedules… all while coming to grips with this whole cancer thingy.  On top of that, we discussed how we’ll adjust to the reduced income over the next few months. It does not look like much when you see it in words on this screen. Immerse your heart and mind in it... and it takes on a whole new meaning!!!  We did the best we could to not to obsess on the worst case scenario. Equally, we looked at such things because we can’t afford to ignore the possibilities. 

It felt so calm and soothing to come home from the hospital, like things finally slowed down. 

I was really eager to get some state of normalcy back in our lives when I woke up the following day.   I reached out to students to see if we could put lessons back on the calendar. There's not a lot of physical effort in the lessons because I spend more time encouraging and inspiring others to play than I do actually playing.   Not only that... I am truly fascinated by the art of teaching, which is very different than the art of music. I wanted to get back to the craft known as the art of teaching. That was one way to put normalcy back int my life.  More could be added...

Staying on track with the 365 day challenge has been very helpful in bringing back normalcy. The challenge? The put in 60 minutes (minimum) a day of sticking patterns in 4/4 or 6/8 on my hands, and another 60 on my feet. I did not realize how ambitious the challenge was!  Today is #234 of 365, and I gotta keep going cuz I wanna say that I achieved the goal!!! This is a big part of my normalcy. 

It's difficult to have normalcy when I'm limited in the physical things that I can do.  I cannot chase the lawn mower around, pull weeds, mop the floors or chase the vacuum around the front room.  Lifting drum gear is out of the question for now!!!  Waiting patiently is not easy. Candidly, now is not the time to “be a guy” because I don't want to screw everything up.  I am couch-bound for the most part and have more than enough projects to complete on the computer. This is actually a great thing!!! 

The spirit, soul, and mind need to stay active while the body recovers.  The brain, heart, emotions, mind, and spirit, always seek something active and fulfilling to do.  Sitting in the house, watching other people live their lives, while knowing there are restraints on my lifestyle could drive me bonkers.   That is why being mentally and emotionally engaged on things that truly inspire me is so important. It really is my both my normalcy, and my therapy.   

I get the feeling such new versions of “Normalcy” will carry me through 10 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy that should start in late July early August.  Let’s call it my therapeutic home remedy to cultivate and grow a busy mind and spirit while the body goes on the Unwanted Detour Tour! 


I have received some interesting and insightful replies and emails regarding previous blogs.  Such words and thoughts are greatly appreciated. 

There is no subject that is uncomfortable to discuss.  It is what it is!!! 

Leave a comment, ask a question, or drop some insight.   

I look forward to learning from you!!! 


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