One Lesson Learned During Time In The Cancer Space

My Wendy and I have worked with Rotary’s Youth Exchange program for a couple of years now.  The US students that travel to distant lands repeatedly hear the same thing from the committee members:


ONE WORD says everything you must know to survive and eventually enjoy the youth exchange experience.  Every returning student that was miserable overseas for the year did not ADAPT!!! We’ve sent students home from the States early because they did not ADAPT.  I even remember seeing people get discharged from the Air Force for "failure to ADAPT!  "Unlike cancer, youth exchange is a human experience that is really bad ass.

Cancer still sucks ASS!!!

Cancer is a foreign exchange trip of sorts…  One difference? It puts your “ass in an airline seat” and sends you on the trip with no preparation.  At least the Rotary Youth Exchange program trains the students for six months before their asses get in those airline seats.  However… like youth exchange…?  

You must ADAPT mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritual.  Your family and friends must ADAPT as they support you too. Your life is about to change without your consent!!!

One Hack… all opinions, and questions that did not need fact-based answers were thrown out on June 4, 2019.  Moral and ethical questions like, “Why is this happening to me?” quickly cloud the heart and mind at a time when both must be clear and learn to ADAPT to this rapidly changing, new world. 

You ADAPT on the fly too.  We met so many new doctors, nurses, and technicians in Fresno and Visalia during that first week.  We heard so many new medical terms and new uses for common words: we were immersed in a foreign language that was cleverly disguised as "English."  I did the best I could to translate things into drummer language (Crash… Boom Boom... Rata-Tat-Tat!!!), and to pick out the few snigglets of information I really needed to be aware of.  Then there was the slow, steady descent into the side effects of radiation treatment. 

ADAPT was most difficult here.  It was very hard to ADAPT to an invisible, moving target.  I really should’ve asked my Wendy to help with the drug stuff a lot sooner: again… She Talk; Me Listen!!!

ADAPT… your single option for survival on a youth exchange trip, a round with cancer, or any experience that significantly impacts your life. 

There may another doodling or two about such things.  Lessons from life’s struggles are the best gifts one person can offer another. This too is a part of the human experience!!!


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