Open Letter to an Average Drummer

Dear Average Drummer,

I've watched you long enough to know there is one thing you lack... the one thing that propels great musicians to their levels of greatness

Deliberate, Purpose-filled Playing Every Day!

Great musicians make the conscious decision to grab the sticks instead of the cell phone or Xbox controller.  This is the most important reason for your lack of progress.  

Do you pick up the sticks every day?
"No," you say?  
Why not?       Cuz you're too busy?

Here is an inescapable fact...

Every person gets the same 24 hours on the globe.  Are you deliberate about the way you use your 24 hours?

If  not, make the change today, while it is called "Today."  Put that time on your calendar and live up to the commitment you made to yourself.  It is that simple: make the commitment, keep the commitment!

Will you commit yourself to your growth and development?  

"No," you say?  

Then stop reading this and go back posting pics on Facebook and Instagram, or playing "Call of Duty."
If "Yes," keep reading.

Know this for true... focused, purposeful attention to the art of playing the sticks makes playing your favorite songs a lot more enjoyable.  You think less and struggle less as your technique improves.  Drum tracks require less effort to play which leads to much more satisfaction from your playing and the music you're playing.  Let's take it up a notch!

See yourself in your own band that is putting original music together.  This is where the fun is really at... CREATIVITY!!!!.  Imagine yourself adding the perfect drum track to the music that is going on around you.  Fortunately, someone is recording the session and captures the moment the song comes to life!  Is that the time you want to be asking yourself, "Should I use the Moelher or Velocity approach?"

So, back to purpose-filled playing...

Work on your pad to improve hand and stick technique.  Work out rhythmic ideas on your drum set.  Surround yourself with musicians who are getting better.  Focus on those areas that need attention and improve your playing every "Today" you get.  This is how the greats became "The Greats."

Tony Williams was a beast of a drummer.  Listen to his thoughts on practicing.  
"PRACTICING: When I was practicing every day, I was doing nothing else but that. I'd get up in the morning and not even bother getting dressed. I'd just move to the drums in my pajamas. I would be playing on the pad while I watched TV, and I'd go over another drummer's house and play with him. All drumming - all day. I practiced on the pad to develop my hands. I started reading when I began studying with Alan. I feel that my hands are the most important thing. But I also liked to practice for at least an hour on the drums. No routines, no books."
Tony was so committed to getting more gooder... he did not need a calendar.  It seems like you do!
The time you set on your calendar is a vow you make and must keep every day.  

Design your improvement plan. Execute that plan.  

See and enjoy the improvements every time you play at jam sessions, rehearsals, and live performances.  This is what makes music enjoyable for you, the musicians you're performing with, and the audience that is listening to your music. You, the other musicians, and the audience ARE the reason for spending so much time in the wood shed improving your skills, talent, and craft.  They deserve greatness, and you can deliver... 


You can go back to Facebook, Instagram, or "Call of Duty!"

That is My Rumor, and I'm Sticking To It

A Drum Instructor That Knows You Can Reach Greatness


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