Optimism Validated!!!

My health was down enough Tuesday that it prompted Dr. Bryson to suspend chemotherapy for one week.  He scheduled us for an assessment yesterday to check my weight and hydration levels.  My weight continues to steadily climb, and hydration was in range too.  Have you seen how they check for proper hydration?

It is simple, yet fascinating to the drummer!  They do two blood pressure and pulse checks and compare the numbers. You are considered dehydrated if the two sets of numbers are within certain ranges.

The first is done while you are laying down as relaxed as possible.  The second check is done while you are standing up. Standing is enough to make the body work and determine the density of blood while it is working.  Fortunately for us, I passed this check.  They did not feel the need to service up the tanks a little before we left.

We also made some adjustments to the meds I am taking.  Some say steroids can keep you awake at night. I say that too now.  It happened two nights ago… eyes wide open all night long!!! Now I am down to one steroid pill in the morning. 

The weight is returning, hydration is getting better, and drugs are adjusted to get me through what may be the best of the last four weekends of mine and my Wendy’s lives.  I will finish the last of two chemotherapy treatment on September 4.

The End Is Nigh!!


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