Ordinary Days Are Coming Into View!

Sock Swag going strong on the oncology floor at Kaweah Delta this Friday!!!

The hospital’s marketing department is working on a media day and inviting local news outlets to join us and capture the story.  The media stuff is greatly appreciated... the Swag is all about those who choose to be among the suffering, and their stories need to be captured.  My Wendy and I are very pleased to hear and share the news. We also have reached the first of three stages of this treatment thingy? 

The crew at the Radiation Station is no longer microblasting my entire neck.  Now the target area is the part of my neck where the cancer was originally found.  We hope a little recovery can get started in the areas that will not be blasted. I remain in great spirits since our break about 10 days ago.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!   

Now… let’s get to the ordinary stuff...

I received an invitation to help restart Valley Independent Percussion Ensemble (VIP).  The indoor drumline began its 2017 season but needed to suspend the operations during the season due to logistics issues.  It was nice to see the invitation on Facebook messenger. I am very excited about this opportunity. I expect to participate much more as a board member cuz competitive indoor percussion music is not in my wheelhouse as of today.


Day 300 of the 365 day challenge is done.  Just a little more than two months and I’ll be able to say that I stuck with something for one full year.  It may not sound like much to you. It is a first for me. I have become addicted to the improvements, and am searching for two challenges to start in November: one music related, and one non-music related.  Feel free to ask more about this stressless way to improve your skills and knowledge. 

It is time to get back out and play some drums with The Tayters.  I’ll be taking my trusty snare drum out to play at the Visalia Farmers Market in September.  The Tayters play an odd mix of music that adds a nice and happy vibe to the outdoor market. And… people at the market dig the Sock Swag. A sock game or two have spontaneously broken out!!! . 

A good friend replied to the Ordinary Days post.  Her reply was a “thank you” for the reminder to appreciate the people in our lives as our daily routines move along.  The norm and our daily routines can wear us down. Believe me, you’ll be eager for the ordinary days when they’re unexpectedly taken from you. 


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