Pay Attention to the Indicators

Oranges can be the same size as a baseball or softball.  The mass the doctor pulled out of my neck was around the same size as a baseball or softball.  Ponder that for a moment. I knew about the mass cuz I could see a small part of it bulging from my neck.  There were other indicators I ignored as the pilot of my own body. 

One indicator was my ability to sing.  I am a backing vocalist through and through.  I love harmony and adding interesting variety to the music my band is playing.   I could normally go as high as an octave above the lead vocals. My would gradually have a more difficult time hitting the higher notes.  I eventually stopped chasing those notes and decided to go to intervals below the lead vocals. I assumed old age was having its way with me.  Then I started getting signals from another indicator. 

I could feel myself run out of breath when talking during lessons and with people in general.  I could run and do PT without a problem and did not get winded while working. Talking was a different story.  It did not happen consistently either. I think I adapted by drawing in a little more air before speaking, but I’d still run out of breath occasionally.  Then I listened to the indicators after the surgery.

I was working in the backyard yesterday with a playlist running to keep me entertained.  I sang some harmonies I’d done many times before and realized that I was not struggling to hit the higher notes.  I thunk about such things more and realized that I do not run out of breath when talking.   

Thems the indicators I should have paid attention to, and sought out help to resolve the issues a lot sooner.  That's exactly what pilots do when they get unusual readings from the aircraft indicators.

You and I are the pilots of our bodies.  The human body may have as many indicators as the 747 flight deck in the picture.  These indicators tell the pilot (you and me) when things are not functioning quite right.  An unusual reading from one indicator may not be a big deal. But… How many indicators are a big deal?  3? 5? 7? I had three legit indicators that were sending unusual signals for a long time. I ignore them.  Again, as Dr. Evans quipped, I was “being a guy.” 

"... we're only immortal for a limited time." Neil Peart.  From the song Dreamline by Rush

Make the most of that time by paying attention to the indicators and acting a lot faster than six months.  If not for yourself, then for those who love you and depend on you: husband, wife, mom, dad, kids, students, team mates, etc. 

Your body’s indicators are there to help you (as the pilot) extend the range of your own immortality. 

Listen!!       Act accordingly and quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you very much for reading.   

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Side Note: Do you love masterful story telling, word play, and profound thoughts?  If so, might I suggest looking into the writings of Neil Peart!  His drumming certainly influences me to this very day.  However... his words, thoughts, and ideas have impacted me and couple of generations of fans over the last 45 years far more so than his drumming.  His words offer so much depth of thought and emotion.  Words are his vehicle for sharing the gift of insight.  In this respect, he may be the polar opposite of Gary Vaynerchuk: a true dichotomy of the introvert and the extrovert!

I highly recommend Neil's writings if words are your thing!!!  


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