Peru Missions Update

Here is a quick update on the drummer’s preparations to support Celebrant Singers team as it prepares to share the Word in Peru. 

  • He is steadily learning the parts and studying the arrangements of the worship team’s music.  There are some interesting twists and turns that make for some fun challenges along the way. 
  • Down to $3,030 of the $3,200 needed by July 23, 2017… the day the rehearsal camp starts. 
  • The drummer’s wife, Wendy, is cooking up some ideas to help raise money for the mission trip.  She mentioned something about the “Culinary Cartel” getting involved.  We will also purchase small snacks to sell. All those proceeds to go directly to Celebrant Singers. 
  • The drummer will be sharing Buckets and Sticks with Happy Trails Riding Academy later this month.  Fun with Buckets & Sticks and all the smiles are one gift he loves to give away.  As such, he’s informed the Happy Trails folks that any payment for the fun, games, and learning should be donated directly to Celebrant Singers. 
  • The drummer can and is willing to do some information development and editing (writing, editing and proofing, data entry, and building Excel based products to support your operations) work to raise money for this labor of love in Peru.  It is a great way for you to reap the benefits of his geekdom. 
  • Do you know a drummer or two that would like to transform his or her playing in just a few lessons?  Have him or her mention this blog post when inquiring about lessons and all proceeds from those lessons before July 23 will go towards this endeavor. 

Your generosity and willingness to share this story and your gifts with Celebrant Singers is the best are the best gifts of all.  Everyone on the team is grateful for the outpouring of support received.  

That's the drummer's rumor, and he is sticking to it!

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