Peru Update Number 2

Great are the drummer's days of late... it's a busy time of year preparing to enter the mission fields with Celebrant Singers.  Here's the scoop on the latest activities and trip preparations... 

  • The out pouring of support is overwhelming!  The account is 37% full with $1177.  Every digit is immensely appreciated!!! 
  • All digits he receives from Tayters and other live performances in July will support this outreach effort 
  • Music learning has occurred!!!!!!  He's got the drum tracks down.  It is time to meet the ensemble and put all the parts together.  It will be exciting to work with musicians in Christ's service

The drummer continues to perfect and master the "Art of the Give" while preparing to travel with the cast: 

  • The Rhythm of the Ranch Buckets and Sticks Sessions at Happy Trails Riding Academy were incredible.  Students listened to the rhythm of a horse's heart beat; compared the different rhythms of a horse's walk, trot, and canter; and they discovered the true secret of playing drum sticks 
  • The Orosi Cutler Villa Crew continues to develop its live performance with buckets and sticks.  The members have their sites set on some opportunities to play later this year. 
  • Guess who is serving as Tulare Sunrise Rotary club's president as of July 1st.  Yep... the drummer!!!  His first presidential action was to work with seven other club presidents to prepare and submit a grant.  The funds, if awarded, will be used to support an organization that's taken an active role in helping victims of human trafficking escape their ugly situation. This organization also enables people to avoid becoming victims of such a detestable crime.  More will be shared as things develop. 
  • And, of course, Santa Drummer will be looking for passionate drummers who love drums.  More on that when he gets back  

You can go online to make a donation  

  • Select “Support a Celebrant”  
  • Enter “Eric Anderson”  
  • Hit the donate button to provide the information requested.  
  • Also, check the history of this combination of ministry and music from Visalia, California  
  • A lot of small contributions lighten the burden for all involved, and all offerings are 100% tax deductible  
  • Lastly… please know that every prayer, thought, and digit is equally and greatly appreciated 

You can send a check to the following address if you are not comfortable with making an online donation.  Please make sure to write my name on the “For” or “Memo” line of your check  

Celebrant Singers  

P.O. Box 1416 

Visalia, California 93279 

Please scroll down to read the previous two blogs when you have a few minutes.  They share the full story that started in February. 

The drummer is firmly persuaded that each bit of support will yield a harvest that is 30, 60, or 100 times greater than the offerings that support this ministry.  That is the power of Christ working through the faithful actions of the body of believers!!!

"That is the drummer's rumor, and he is sticking to it"

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