Prayer.... What Do You Think?!?!?!

Prayer is a topic of conversation among those who believe in God and those who do not.  It has been one of the topics that confuses me the most about Christianity. Without going all theological here,  I'll share what I do know about what has happened in my life over this past month, and then what I believe based on what I've experienced  

What I know... 

June 4th I found out I have cancer - Core biopsy revealed there is a cancerous element in the area tested 

  • I started pre-op work
  • I shared the news with family and close friends
  • I put the word out on Facebook
  • People replied with well meaning thoughts and prayers 

June 8th completed the Pet Scan 

June 11th visit the oncologist - PET scan did not reveal the origin or source of the cancer 

June 12th Surgery to remove enlarged lymph node and clean up the surrounding area, tonsil removal,  and sample from the back of my tongue is completed 

June 24th Meet up with ear, nose, and throat doctor for follow up on surgery 

  • Recovery from surgery is going good.
  • Found out the enlarged lymph node was the size of an orange
  • Post-op biopsy revealed no tangible information about the origin of the cancer 

What I believe, think, and feel 

It is hard to understand why there's an element of cancer but no identifiable source.    The Pet Scan and post op biopsy did not identify the source of the cancerous element 

I believe some people who said I was in their prayers and thoughts were true in their statement.   These are the ones who sought out God's intervention on my behalf. 

I had my Chit Chats with God along the way,  telling Him I am willing to accept His will whatever it may be. 

I think my Wendy prays to God more than I do.   

I believe the one noble and noteworthy thing I have done is believe and trust in God, and that His will always prevails. 

I believe one of two things are at work in me:  either we caught the cancer in a very early stage...  oooooor the cancer was more advanced and God chose to reverse the process 

I understand that His will and my will are not always aligned, and that in such times, I am the one out of alignment with God. 


I have spent a few years reading the Word without being tainted by the Commercialanity of the United States.  I compare what I see in life to what I read in the Word and draw my own conclusions. I have seen no reason to doubt the existence and power of God.  I believe God does answer all prayers, and that some people may not like the answers they receive... including me! I’ve been in my share of discussions about the kindness and meanness of God, could not always explain my beliefs, and accept that I do not and will not have all the answers in future discussions. 

This much I am most certain of   

Our Earth is an extremely complex machine that was intelligently designed to function for centuries.  Every living organism on Earth is equally complex in its design and function. There is no reason to doubt the abilities of the One who designed such things and put them in motion.  I believe that, at the behest of a few people on Earth, God can change the course of cancer in a human body cuz He can change the body’s design at the DNA level as His will determines. 

I believe that is happening in me today, and that modern science will confirm the facts.  However, the outcome will not change my belief regardless of the facts. 

Do you have a similar story to share? 

Got a question?  Scribble it down 

Perhaps share an insight!!!! 

I am still clueless about a lot of things 


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