Resolutions Vs. Goals

So… the drummer was listening to some Portnoy-Era Dream Theater as the year rapidly comes to a close.  He pondered the aged custom of making New Year’s resolutions.  They’re a topic of chatter, but rarely a serious conversation.  Resolutions have little value for musicians.  But goals are a different story… 

Herm Edwards, one of the drummer’s favorite coaches, once said, “A goal without a plan is a wish.”  You can safely say a goal without a plan is a resolution to be broken in short order too. 

You can find tons of instruction about goal setting on the interweb.  And planning? There is an abundance of knowledge to pick through too.   

The point is to find or develop your system for setting goals, and craft a plan to help you reach your goals!!!  And here is an inescapable truth about goal-setting and planning in the world of music… 

Both activities are a huge waste of time and brain cells when you do nothing afterwards.   

Action is the most important part of reaching your goals! 

Ideally, daily action (practice) that is focused on and governed by that goal.  There is no substitute for getting more gooder as a musician.   

Do you want some help setting goals and creating the way to reach those goals?  The drummer will gladly share simple things that make a huge difference when reaching his goals. 

Share your goal-setting and planning hacks too.  Nobody has a monopoly on this stuff.  Put your trusted tips and hacks out here so all can get more gooder. 

As always, launch this out to musicians, friends and family who enjoy music and want to learn a little more each week.  See what the drummer is up to and to join his email list while you are here. 

“That’s my rumor, and I’m sticking to it!” 

P.S.  The drummer wasn’t joking about offering ideas on goal-setting and planning.  Hit him when you have a few minutes

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