Restored Health Through Superior Fire Power

“Atomic Blast” is a phrase that can take a lot of people to August 6, 1945: the day Enola Gay delivered her deadly payload.  Wanton death and destruction were released on humanity that day. The Japanese people suffered the devastating effects for many years afterwards.  Such wanton death and destruction is a sad testimony about human nature… a horrific one, but certainly not the only one. Yet, from one ugly event in human history has come a new and revolutionary field of health care: Radiation Treatment for Cancer. 

In the wake of that day, doctors and scientists discovered the human body reacted differently to the effects of the atomic blast depending on blast proximity and duration of exposure.  Additionally, they observed that various organs and cells reacted differently to the radiation created by the blast. These observations and associated conclusions brought about the field of cancer treatment with radiation.  So… how far have we come in this brave new world? 

You remember “The Big Doughnut” from an earlier post?  That is a recent development in this ever-changing world of cancer treatment.  The machine harnesses the wanton death and destruction of radiation. It will target extremely precise areas of my neck and deliver calculated micro-blasts of radiation to weaken the cancer cells in the target area.  Unfortunately, healthy cells will take some abuse too. The healthy cells are resilient and will recover over time. Not true for the cancer. Radiation will weaken the cancer cells and chemotherapy will search and destroy them (let’s talk about that tomorrow). 

The world learned of the unimaginable destruction of atomic power and the effects of radiation.  Most people were blissfully ignorant on August 5, 1945. The next day changed that forever. We are 74 years from the world’s introduction to the atomic age.  There continue to be micro-blasts of radiation to eradicate cancer in people… and only one other bomb dropped.  I hope we stay on that trajectory.

I am not looking forward to my relationship with the Big Doughnut… five 5 days a week for seven weeks.  Yet, I appreciate the technology and respect the people who harness a destructive power that now serves humanity… and a drummer too! 

I’d love to hear some experiences with radiation treatment. 

Please ask a question when you are curious. 

Break an insight too! 


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