Riding a Wave of Optimism

My Wendy and I are feeling optimistic about finishing this cancer treatment off without so much discomfort and anymore delays.  We understand it can all change without our permission. We know we’ve even more deliberate in our attempts to manage the side effects.

She’s been setting up all the drugs for me to take before we go to bed at night. I was overwhelmed just thinking about and figuring out what to take and when to take it.  She has a system that works and I follow it. Again; “I talk… you listen!”

I am also back to the full nutrition requirements and staying well hydrated.  Energy is back for the most part. NO more gagging and hacking all the time so the feeding and drinking is paying off.  I still do not sleep much in a 24 hour day. I can endure that side effect cuz the calendar is set up for such things.

We have two more chemotherapy treatments to go.  Fortunately, they’ve not really tweaked me much and I do not see that being an issue from here out.  Radiation still has a lot left to do.

11 more treatment days to go (should end on September 9th).  The next two sessions will consist of nine microblasts around my neck about 40 degrees apart from each other to hit the full area.  These are the ones I have endured until now. After these two, the remaining effort will concentrate on the area the cancer was discovered: the right side of my neck.  We hope the reduced abuse will also let some of the healing process begin before the treatments are complete.

There are no guarantees in all of this.  It is what my Wendy and I see as of this doodling.  We will let you know how things progress.


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