Sock Swag 1 - Cancer 0

My Wendy has been a part of Visalia’s Sunset Rotary Club for a few years.  We have some friends in the club that are friends on Facebook too. 

Individually, the Rotary friends have picked up some socks to keep the Sock Swag going while I’m going through cancer treatment.  Then the club decided to make a concerted effort to add some serious Swag to the caravan of traveling socks.   The club did a week long sock drive to add to our collection of socks to share.

We attended last night’s meeting and were generously blessed.  We’re now the proud distributors of close to 100 pairs of socks, and more are on the way.  We now have three baskets full of socks: I will keep traveling with one basket and share the Swag as my treatment continues, one will be offered to the radiation folks and patients, and the remaining one will be offered to the chemo folks.

Today is a full day of cancer treatment.  It starts with chemotherapy in the morning and will end with radiation in the afternoon.  We’ll also meet with both oncologists. We’re looking for access to the main hospital’s oncology floor and will ask the oncologists and nurses about who to contact at the big hospital. 

My treatment is done on an out-patient basis.  I get to go home each day and deal with the side effects.  Some of my brothers and sisters in cancer are not so fortunate.  They must stay on the oncology floor at the main hospital cuz their conditions demand 24 hour supervision.  You know there are some true servants on the floor and my brothers and sisters that may want a little something to laugh about amidst all the suffering. 

Where does the Sock Swag go from here? 

Candidly… I have KNOW IDEA!!!  I do know that smiles are contagious, and that both medical professionals and patients get a chuckle out of the socks and appreciate the small token of respect and generosity. 

You got suggestions?  Send them our way. We’d love to hear them.  How can we blow this whole Sock Swag Thingy UUUUUUUUUPPPP????? 



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