Sock Swag Delivery Day

Yesterday was a good day.  Three of the four oncology places received some fresh Sock Swag.

It is good to go back to the Good Ship Chemo and The Radiation Station.  The nurses and techs are great people and very enjoyable to be with. I also meet up with new Reluctant Participants each time… so the socks gotta keep flowing, ya know?

This video features some of the nurses that grabbed our attention

and inspired got the Sock Swag Project.  The lady to the left (Cynthia) is a Reluctant Participant that happens to be a nurse as well. Listen to how she keeps working in the cancer space while being a Reluctant Participant.

It is true… Mom and her boyfriend hooked us up with 30 pairs of socks.  This batch of Swag will go to Kaweah Delta’s 3 South, the Oncology Floor.  Gotta make sure them nurses and staff members are getting their weekly dose of Sock Swag. 


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