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These are a couple of local new releases about the day's events.

The Sock Guy Delivers

Valley Cancer Patient...

My Wendy and I had a great day in the World of Sock Swag; a day that was about three weeks in the making.

Kaweah Delta is the local hospital and runs the Radiation Station.  The Station’s crew shared Sock Swag stories with the main hospital. In return, people from the hospital’s media department investigated and confirmed all the shenanigans.  They interviewed the crew members, captured pictures, chatted with me and my Wendy, and scheduled an interview with me.

The interview was a lot of fun!  We talked about the origin of the socks, what motivated Sock Swag, and shared stories encountered thus far.  We spent a bit of off-camera time talking about music related stuff… so you know I had a word or two to share.  We were very fortunate too, cuz my voice died the following day and was out of commission for two weeks or so. Talk about good timing!!!

My goal was to share some Sock Swag on the oncology floor at the main hospital.  I wasn’t thinking about it becoming a media event until I received some texts from a fellow rotarian (gotta love the Rotary Hook Up).  Next thing we knew, the wheels were in motion, not only to reach our goal, but to capture the story. The hospital’s media folks worked all the coordination efforts as well as built the story from the investigations and interviews.

The day finally arrived.  Lori Scott (my sister), my Wendy and I met up with the media folks in the hospital lobby and were greeted by a journalist from a local paper and another from a local TV Channel.  We talked about the backstory of the socks, and conducted an interview in the lobby before the caravan made its way to the oncology floor.

We approached 20 - 30 nurses and staff that had rallied up at the central desk.  They knew “some sock guy” was coming up there for something. The introductions were short as we launched into the purpose of the visit. 

“I’m up here because you people are bad ass,” was the opening line!  The paragraph about nurses in yesterday’s post sums up what I shared with these nurses.  I actually got a bit choked up over it all. Hey… their service in the suffering tweaks my heart!  Then I made my way to each person, asking them to grab a pair of Swag and make their feet happy. I also asked them to grab a pair or two they can put on patients feet.

We stuck around for a while talking and learning a little more from the folks on the oncology floor.   Alas, operations had been suspended long enough and service was in demand.

I want to go back on the floor during the night shift to share some Swag with them.  I also want to put a basket of socks up there like we have aboard the good ship Chemo and at the Radiation Station. 

There is a Facebook page (SOCK SWAG) that is up and running.  We’re going to use this page to share the Sock Swag stories as well see who has made Sock Game.   

Thank you much sticking around for this post.   


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