Sock Swag Is Still Rolling Along…

The turn of events over the last 7 days forced Sock Swag into the background lately.  It is still going along for sure.

Monday was a great day to load up new patients with some Swag.  They were new to me cuz I usually do not take my weekly voyage on the Good Shop Chemo on Mondays.  Smiles are more gooder on Mondays… cuz it is Monday, that’s why!

Tuesdays are Sock Swag Restock.  The baskets we stock up are usually empty the following week.  We need to go shopping this weekend for more swag too. All the generosity is appreciated, however this is something my Wendy and I started because it is us being us.  We should not change that unless we are forced to change.

Patients and staff members approach and thank me for the socks.  I can see their lightheartedness and appreciation when they speak.  Some staff members are always ready for some Sock Game too. There is nothing like walking into that… knowing that someone looks forward to playing around with you for a minute or two while on the job.

We’ve been talking about the chance to take some Swag to the oncology floor at the main hospital.  I am sure we’ll set something up… just takes more time when not you’re on the floor periodically.

I wish there were bigger Sock Swag moments to share.  As mentioned, the last seven were ugly and consumed a lot of time and energy.


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