Sock Swag: Week Four

The Radiation Crew is Rocking Some Swag

The crew of the good ship Chemo and the operators at the Radiation Station have MAD sock game now!!! Both groups were rocking the Swag this past Tuesday with big smiles all the way around.  We’re all having some fun with it, while we deal with cancer treatment and its subsequent side effects. My weekly meet up with the dietitian was interesting too.

Our chat was legit this time because I have the Notorious P E G.  She’d got the word and already worked up a diet plan. She was working on the insurance side of things when our meeting took place.  We shot the breeze for a bit after dealing with the issues.  She reached into her pocket and pulled a couple of pairs of Swag out to add to the collection.  She and her cohorts are the real reason Sock Swag got started, and she was kind enough to cover someone’s feet! It was an unexpected and greatly appreciated gesture on her part.  Surprisingly, Friday was the best day of the week!!!

While at the Radiation Station that morning, I spoke with one of the crew members.  He’d snagged some Swag on Tuesday. He said that later that night he shared the story of this Sock thingy with his family.  His son asked if he could have the socks. His son has worn that same pair of socks since Tuesday!  Never expected something like that.

That afternoon, I am aboard the good ship Chemo.  I had dropped 12 pounds in a week. The doctor asked me to return to verify I was well hydrated as we rolled into the weekend.  Nope… still under serviced. I took up my rightful place on the passenger deck and waited to be plugged into the system by one of the nurses. 

A mom is on board and plugged in for chemo.  Her two young daughters are drawing in coloring books. You know I had to hook them up with socks, right?  I placed the Swag basket on the floor in front of the young ladies and invited them to grab a pair. All the bright, pretty colors quickly dissipated their apprehension.  The older sister went for some knee-high doughnut socks, and the younger opted for some Tweety Bird ankle socks. They wasted no time donning the Swag. Mom picked out some watermelon socks too.

Shortly afterwards, a gentleman approached me and asked if he could take the basket to his wife and let her pick out this week’s pair.  I remember this couple quite well. The wife decided not to take some Sock Love two weeks ago. Now her helpful hubby is asking for more Swag for his bride.  Debbie, one of the nurses, watched this play out and approached me afterwards. She plugged me into the system and shared the following with me.

The patients are really loving this whole sock thingy!!!  My Wendy and I left a basket full of Swag for any and all to partake.  Debbie said that patients will stop at the basket to find the most appealing Swag when they arrive on the passenger deck.  Then they will put the socks on, smile a bit, and compare their socks with others on deck ~~~ Sock Gamers!  She is amazed by the way a bunch of silly socks change the mood and bring positive vibes to a room known for a lot of suffering.   One lady was soooooo excited to find cassette tape Swag and Where's Waldo Swag… she could not contain her excitement and kept giggling and laughing about her Swag.

I am an average guy that stumbled into something genuinely amazing and awesome!  I am blessed by others that see the impact of these silly socks, add to the collection, and spread some Swag over the feet of those who serve cancer patients and the cancer patients themselves.  The generosity of others is the reason Sock Swag continues.   

It is an uplifting experience to behold!!! 


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