Sock Swag: Week Three

15 days of treatment are now in the rear view mirror.  Let’s talk about the highlight of this whole experience… SOCK SWAG!!!! 

My Wendy and I could not plan out the events of the last three weeks of Sock Swag!  Tuesdays quickly became the biggest day of the week: both chemo and radiation treatments.  Tuesdays are the day we spend time with the staff and doctors at both clinics. Both staffs have proclaimed Tuesday as Sock Swag day!!! 

Sock Game must be powerful on Tuesdays cuz both staffs are ready to play.  We see it in their faces, cuz they know the Sock Swag is about them. As mentioned earlier, these are the peeps that willingly go deep into the human experience of suffering as they work towards restoring the people they serve to full health.  They are truly a rare and unique breed, and certainly are a cut above the drummer. This was the emphasis from the beginning, and it is where mine and my Wendy’s focus remains.   

We hook up my brothers and sisters in cancer with Swag for sure; cuz cancer sucks, that’s why!  We’ve seen the smiles pop which is some of the best therapy on the globe. The crew of the good ship Chemo is really good about sharing the Swag with the passengers on deck.  They reap the benefits of Smile Therapy in a space where there is always room for more smiles.   

Please remember those who serve in the cancer space are the central focus of Sock Swag for the reason stated above.  Also… this is not limited to those in the cancer space. Medical professionals live where suffering is rampant: hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, private practices, etc.  My Wendy and I got sucked into the cancer vortex against our will. It is where we became intuitively aware of these true servants. Such awareness made for an interesting Friday. 

It is time for the Notorious PEG to make her grand entry.  My Wendy and I finally met up with the staff that will accomplish that procedure.  Sock Swag got started early at the meet up… even before the vital signs were taken.  We were asked how much we wanted for the socks.   

“Nothing” was our reply. 

“What’s this all about then?” they inquired. 

“YOU!” Big smiles... BIG SMILES!!!!

We hooked up everyone in the office.  They were quick to don the Swag and play a little Sock Game.  My favorite part was the exchange with one of the doctors. He walked in while we were grabbing some Swag photos.  The inquisitive look on his face was all I needed to invite him to grab some Swag. He sorted through, grabbed a couple of pairs, and went for his wallet while asking, “How much?”   


His face lit up with the biggest smile!  I replied, “That’s all the payment needed.”  

But where does all the Swag come from?   

It comes from the generosity of people and organizations that appreciate what Sock Swag is about.  My Wendy’s Rotary club made a monster contribution of Swag from a sock drive within the club. Friends and family from around the nation have sent Swag.   Folks at my Wendy’s work have chipped is some Swag too. Last night, we had a drive-by Swagging: a friend went all black ops and left some Swag on the porch for us to find later… a very pleasant surprise!   

It’s amazing every day, how giving some Swag to those in the cancer space has become a weekly event to look forward to and cherish in the midst of all the suffering that comes with cancer treatment.  This Sock Swag thing gives me so much to be grateful for and to appreciate. My body suffers from the treatment, but my heart, soul, and spirit are lifted up every day cuz of the therapeutic smiles Sock Swag has brought over the last three weeks. 

My Wendy and I share a lot of Sock Swag activities on Facebook.  Send me a friend request when you’d like to see what’s happening in the World of Sock Swag.  I also put some things on Instagram. Look up apsdrums.   

We have no idea where this will go from here.  We hope you will be a part by reaching out to those working in the cancer space where you live.  This is not a Visalia, California thing. It started because I have cancer. Please play this game with the servants where you live, and do not let this remain limited to Visalia, California. 


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