Sock Swag: Week Two

“These people put themselves in the emotional line of fire every day.  They have my respect.

Sock Swag and The Game are about these people who willingly put their hearts at risk while serving others.” 


My Wendy and I have given out 12 pair of socks this week.  Most went to techs, nurses and doctors that are directly involved in my treatment.  A few went to my brothers and sisters in cancer as well as their loved ones. My Wendy and I are not playing the Sock Swag alone.   

Family and friends are on the hunt for Sock Swag to be shared throughout the world of cancer.  We’ve received 13 pairs of socks from kindhearted people who appreciate and support our silly game of brightening up faces no matter the person’s situation!  We need more brighten up in the world, right?   

There is a meaningful side to all of this.  It is in the quote pulled from a previous post.   

Cancer shows up unannounced and slowly takes over.  I did not invite it into my life. So… now I am in the cancer space against my will.  What about those people who choose to be in the cancer space: doctors, nurses, techs, etc? 

These people wade into this space day after day, month after month, year after year.  They see suffering everyday, and come back to see more the following day. I cannot comprehend how the heart (the emotions) can take it all the time.  I am sure these people become somewhat numb over time… until that one patient comes along that tweaks the heart more than most. I do not think the heart can be fully immunized from the human experience. 

People rally around you when you mention you have cancer.  They share their sympathy and words of encouragement. Such things are hugely appreciated.  Then, we cancer patients travel the trodden trails of our cancer treatment plans. I watch, look around, and observe the scenery each day as mine and my Wendy’s journey continues.  I see the people that willingly wade in among the suffering, bring relief to those who endure the side effects of cancer treatment, and eventually restore us to full health. These people are serious studs!!!  They willingly serve in the face of suffering everyday.   

Sock Swag and the Sock Game are about those who serve in the cancer space.  The Swag and Game are about having a silly little game to play while serving cancer patients.  It requires little time and effort, but makes everyone smirk, smile, and chuckle for a few minutes. 

Reach out to someone that serves in this space.  Let them know you appreciate their willingness to support those who must battle with cancer. 


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