Sometimes.... Life Makes the Decision Easy!

God, Health, or Wealth?  Which part of the Foundation should be addressed first?

It was time to decide.  Life crept in and made it an easy answer... Health.  But in a rather unexpected way.

My wife's car had coolant problems.  Our son and I spent a day in the garage with the car.  We learned some cool stuff and fixed the car: harmony restored.  The following day, my wife called because the car would not start.  Our son and I trouble shot it down to a defective battery.  Battery replaced: harmony restored once again.  

Okay... this is cute... but where is the Health, Mr. Drummer Man?

The Health is in harmony restored!

We did not fight throughout this little detour.  However, tension built up all the same because my wife had been stranded by her car.  This issue evoked insecurity and frustration for us both.  Feelings of insecurity and frustration are health issues brought on by a malfunctioning car.

The "Health" part of the Foundation has different components.  The people and relationships in our lives are one of those health components.  My wife is one of my most important people.  I suffer when she suffers.  I get frustrated when she feels insecure.  I am sure the feeling would've intensified if the situation did not resolved quickly.

Cars malfunction.  Fecal matter occurs!  It's no big deal... until one of the most important people in your life is stranded by the malfunctioning car.  Then, the situation becomes a mental and emotional health issue, one to remedy as soon as possible.

Who are the important people in your life?       They are components of the Health part of your foundation

How does disharmony in their lives affect your mental and emotional health?

The well being of those you love impacts your health for the better or the worse every day.  

Fortunately, this time, a new battery restored harmony for us both.  It is not always that easy!

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