Stage FRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who would've thunk it?  A musician who gets stage fright after so many years of playing?  Yep! It happened this weekend.  Why?  Cuz the drummer said he would start doing some lead vocals with the Last Chance Saloon.  Why was this so frightening?  Because he was completely out of his element.

A seasoned drummer knows the little tricks used to "hide" his mistakes during a gig.  The drums, like a house's foundation, often get overlooked because most songs are built on top of the drums.  The melody and the words are the parts of the song everyone listens to and remembers.  People expect and want to hear such things.  This drummer hasn't shouldered the responsibility of sharing the melody and the message of the song with the audience.  That is the lead singer's job!!!!  The drummer's lead singing "debut" felt dismal.  Twas not an enjoyable experience.  But hope sprang eternal...

In the car, while driving away from the gig, the voice of reason (and years of drum instruction) chimed in. 

"First off, you were not prepared!"

He had a point.  I thought I was... but I wasn't.  I did not know the words with absolute certainty.  The instructor would not allow a student to walk into an audition with inadequate preparation.  So why did I do that to myself?  I give up... why?  There was another comment the instructor has shared along the way, during lessons and rehearsals

"You cannot sell something you do not own!"

And this is true in music.  I had not fully "bought" both the words and melody so it was very difficult to "sell" them with any real conviction.  People respond to confidence, not timidity. 

While driving to the following night's show, I devoted efforts to buying into the lyrics and their meaning while getting more comfortable with the melody.  And God bless cruise control too!!!  I lightly played the rhythms on the steering and floor board while mastering the melody and words.  The lead singing was better this time around. 

Phil Collins, Levon Helm, Don Henley, and The Rev are great lead singing drummers (and you gotta check out Bernard Purdie as he "Splains the Purdie Shuffle").  Perhaps I'll reach such levels of ability.  I know one thing for true...

I took one big step in the right direction towards over coming my lead singing fears.  More steps must be taken, and each will be a lot easier than this last weekend.

Prepare yourself, and "own it," and you to WILL over come your fears!!!!

That's My Rumor, and I'm Sticking To It!

P.S. Add yourself to my email list if you are interested in some of the behind-the-scenes activities.  This week's email will tell the tale of how duct tape save the gig!!!!

P.S.S  I know Bernard wasn't singing, but listen to the way he throws a little scattin' into the Purdie Shuffle.  It's just cool to listen to and watch



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