Still Hacking The Side Effects of Radiation Treatment

Check out the picture again.  The only things that find their way down to my stomach are the Gatorade & Suja, the broth, and the apple sauce. Care to guess what today’s diet will be? 

The few liquids I can drink MUST be sipped.  I will sip 3.2 ounces of Gatorade for 15-20 minutes instead of dusting off the 32 oz. bottle in a couple of minutes.  The broth goes down with many, many sips too. My throat rejects even a small volume of food! Sips ONLY, so nutrition and hydration have become damn near monumental efforts when compared to the norm.  The amount of time spent on nutrition and hydration these days is astounding, but necessary. 

None of the painkiller or sleep aid medicines can make it passed the guard!  Either they burn as they enter the throat or they cause such a strong gag reflex that is quick to empty out the stomach… it’s not like there’s been a lot to empty out over the past few days.  Even a small amount of coughing can induce the same reaction! I know… I’ve seen it happen!!! Yes this part really does suck. However there are a couple of things I am excited to share. 

The Visalia Rawhide baseball team was kind enough to invite me to throw the first pitch at yesterday’s baseball game.  I was one of eight people who won their fights with cancer, or were currently in the ring. They mentioned over the PA that all the game’s proceeds will be donated to one of the local cancer organizations.  A sister-in-cancer (she is in the fight too) was among the eight. We chatted briefly about where we do the treatments. She also goes to Sequoia Regional Cancer Center. I presented a bucket of socks to her, asked her to grab a pair, and wear them this week.  I am pretty sure the staff will pick up on the socks! Gotta keep the Sock Swag going, right? The other thing has absolutely nothing to do with the world of cancer. 

I hit 276 straight days of my 365 day challenge!  The challenge has to do with playing drums, and started on November 1, 2018.  I had no idea life was going to hit me and my Wendy as it did in 2019. The vast majority of this year has been devoted to significant family health issues; this round of cancer being the latest of them.  Yet the 365 challenge continues. I see the month of August as being very fruitful in the world of drums, not to mention that the 365 challenge has already been a nice distraction from all this cancer crap!  It will be my one little victory, as it is the first time I have committed myself to a year long skills development program of any sort. I am excited by the results I am seeing thus far, and am looking at where to put some focused effort over the next 365.  It may be in music. It may be something outside of music. We’ll see on November 1st, 2019.   

That really is it.  Time to get my sip OOOOOONNNN! 


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