Strong & Powerful Sock Game, Sock Hopper!!!

Socks are bad ass, fun, and interesting. They help me play the bass drum and hi hat pedals better. I played barefooted for a long time, but things changed after I made a drum video. 

My Scandinavian feet are as white as the snow of Sweden and Norway. They created too much glare when recording those drum videos. I needed to kill the glare, but how?  SOCKS!!! 

Socks became the ultimate anti-glare device!!!  They soon took on a life of their own. I wanted unique socks for Instagram videos: may as well make the scenery interesting while playing some very basic double bass drum patterns.  I mentioned this to my Wendy and that was all it took. She still finds the deals, and gets the socks on the cheap.   

Next, I added the socks to my lessons and bucket sessions, and the sock game was OOOOONN!!!!  Kids would show at school, wearing silly or crazy socks on a bucket day. We'd compare socks to see whose sock game was best!!!  

Drums, Socks, Buckets have become a triangle of love in the drummer’s world.  Now the socks have found a new space to play in.

This could be the most therapeutic part of the drummer’s treatment. 

How aboot (that's Canadian, ey) donning a different pair of unique socks like those in the picture each day of treatment?  Perhaps the nurses and techs will also look forward to the arrival of fashionable socks. Think aboot it, oncology crews see a lot of misery and despair because of the work they do. It sucks to watch human suffering, regardless of how it comes aboot!  An awesome sock game might give them something to look forward to over the next 56 days.   


I’d written the previous paragraphs while aboard The Good Ship Chemo (more on that later).  A couple of nurses offered nice comments regarding the socks. Later, at radiation treatment, one nurse abandoned his post to poke his head out the door to check today's Sock Swag.  He offered an appreciative smile and a “thumbs up!” That five second smile may be the one and only bright spot in the oncology world, where human suffering is the norm. The nurse that tended to me had kind words aboot the socks.  One of the radiation techs admitted he was eager to see today’s socks.

Maybe… each crew will test my sock game.  Can my game withstand the intense pressure and emerge victorious?  I gotta stir the pot and engage, encourage, and possibly trash talk a little.  This is a game I will gladly lose if socks, of all things, give the crew members something to look forward to and participate at work.  It is an easy game to play that breaks the monopoly: excuse me ~~~ mo-not-o-ny (I have a peach inspediment)...

Breaks the monotony of the grind in a place where suffering abounds.

I need to get pictures of my sock swag next to crew members, or of groups of socks worn by the crew (my sock swag included). 

Are you aboard the good ship Chemo?  Post a picture of your sock swag on the social media of your choosing: FaceBook, Insta, Twitter, SnapChat… wherever you hang out.  Invite those who are in the fight to rock the socks in their social media feeds. For me, I only take pictures at the places I receive treatment. It is like the only “rule” in my cranium as I think it keep things legit. 

CANCER SUCKS ASS!!! Tell me I am wrong. 

The treatment ain’t much better, but it is necessary. 

We who endure cancer suffer in varying degrees.  Let’s play our own silly game to give ourselves something fun and rewarding to do.  The fun is found in bringing a smile to the faces of your crews’ members, and getting them something to look forward too.  

Our suffering is because of something we did not choose...  Cancer! 

Those who work in the oncology space CHOOSE to be there and suffer with us even though their suffering is different than ours.  

Let's bring them a fun game... A Strong & Powerful Sock Game, Sock Hopper!


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