The Beauty of a Mundane Weekend

Why love the weekends these days?  Cuz my Wendy and I get a break from all the exciting treatments.  They’re a nuisance… and an irritant; interrupting every day. 

My Wendy and I escaped the world of treatment by going to a local coffee shop on Saturday morning.  The shop hosts a weekly event known as A Cup of Jazz. The “Emcee” is an amazing piano player named Richard Garoogian.  Other musicians sit on during the session. A good friend plays drums there each week. I decided to take buckets and a pair of sticks to sit in and play a few.  It is a great experience cuz all kinds of folks show up, both to listen and to play along. Music may rival the Sock Game when it comes to therapeutic value! 

My Wendy and I went to Lowes afterwards.  I needed to get a replacement head for one of the in-ground sprinklers in the backyard.  We stopped in at Panda Express before reporting to the Ma-In-Law’s house. 

My Wendy’s mom (Ma is what I call her) is a piece of work!  I get the biggest chuckle out of her. We needle and trash talk each other all the time.  We three caught up on all the family activities, talked about our daily routines, and enjoyed a few laughs along with our Broccoli Beef and Noodles.  My Wendy even coaxed me into telling Ma about the latest Socks-ska-pades. We said our good-byes and returned to the casa for the rest of the day. 

My Wendy loves organization.  It is her Nirvana!!! This weekend was the first chance for her to sort through things and reorganize the house in a long time.  It is never cluttered or messy! Things accumulate over time, and a good old fashioned purge is needed every once in a while. She spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday sorting, purging, and reorganizing. 

I think it was a nice diversion for My Wendy.  2019 has been quite the year for her... and then her husband goes all Full Metal Gimp on her!  We both know that it is no one’s faulty. Fecal Matter occurs, right? Then we deal with it all as best as we can.  

It sounds like an average life of a married couple, and that’s not so bad.  The coming weeks will bring more radiation and chemotherapy, more doctors appointments, more side effects, and God only knows what else is coming our way.  My hope is that each of these weekends can be this average, mundane, typical, boring, uneventful, and usual… cuz the weeks have more than enough “excitement” in them: enough to last us a lifetime!!! 


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