The Day Cancer Treatment's Side Effects Arrived For An Extended Visit!

I feel the serious Weenie-Boy status coming on NOW!!!! 

The cumulative effects of 13 micro atomic blast sessions (9-10 shots per session) have set in… and it is starting to hurt.  Each session targets my neck, from the jaw bone to the collar bone. My skin looks like it has a mild sunburn now. Today, that is tolerable compared to what is going on with my throat. 

Imagine your worst sore throat.  Now think about living with it for the next 45 days or so!  Worse yet… imagine those feelings becoming more intense with every passing day!  That’s in my world now. I’ve changed my eating habits a lot cuz of it. 

I realized toast and other food with rough texture needed to exit the diet three days ago.  Two days ago, I had to say “B-Bye” to food with large chunks. Yesterday? Most solid foods went out of the line up.  Last night’s dinner was mashed taters (hold the lumps please), green beans cut up into small bites, a few refried beans, a protein drink, and pudding!  Such will be my eating habits for the next month and a half. Even soft food is tough to swallow. And here is the worst part. 

These side effects will become more intense with every micro blast from now until Labor Day week: another 24 days of treatment.  The Notorious P.E.G. (the feed tube) will be installed eventually. Still… every swallow of saliva is going to hurt like hell. I’ll be chatting with the atomic crew about pain management at today’s micro blast session.  I do not think the fun will stop here. 

There are more side effects to expect: dry mouth, thickened saliva, and sores in the mouth.  I’m not saying they’re going to show up, but we’ve been warned by both the oncologists involved with this treatment plan.  They are seasoned pros, so I have no reason to doubt their predictions. 

Let’s put this in context though… 

I’m a Weenie-Boy!  I’m SOFT!!! 

This is lightweight compared to a lot of my sisters and brothers in cancer.  Like my sister who was rocking the blue sky socks. She has multiple tumors of heavyweight proportions throughout her body.  Plus, she must deal with the side effects of her treatment plan. She looked like a beaten and worn out fighter when we first met, but was rocking the Swag and sporting the serious Cheshire Cat grin when she boarded the good ship Chemo earlier this week. 

This is one human’s experience in the cancer space.  The Sock Swag is certainly the high point of it all, and I will stay the course with the Swag.  The side effects of radiation have quickly become the low point, still to sink lower before all is said and done.   

Please remember those who willingly serve in this space.  They are a rare gift to all the brothers and sisters in cancer.  Give them a hug, get them some Swag, and play the Sock Game! ! ! 

You got any suggestions or healthy soft food ideas?  Send them our way! My Wendy and I are kicking ideas around for sure.  Any help in this arena is already immensely appreciated. 

Indeed… cancer sucks… and so do the side effects caused by the cures. 


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