The Dreaded "DIET" Word

“Diet” is not a word that exits my mouth very often.  I ex-wife seemed to always be on the “On Again, Off Again” Diet.  You know… she is on a diet again, and then she is off a diet again!!  She wanted the weight loss but didn’t want to change her lifestyle enough to keep the weight off.   

Today, it is time for me to look at my eating habits (I like the term better the “diet”).  The oncologist wants me to be as healthy as possible when the chemo and radiation treatments start.  I may become the proud recipient of a wholesale ass kicking, compliments of the oncology department; and I need to be as healthy as possible when the treatment starts. 

“Healthy as possible” starts with the food I eat.  I don't believe that I'm necessarily unhealthy with my eating habits.  However,I've long believed that there are some tweaks and adjustments I should make to be healthier as I continue on.    Now is a good time to start. 

SIDE NOTE: Habit is the key word here.

The things we do every day have a cumulative effect whether we realize it or not.  As an example, the 365 day challenge is now a habit; a daily activity that happens as naturally as breathing, eating, and sleep.  I have yet to walk out of the wood shed saying, “WOW!!! I made some great progress today.”  I just put the sticks down and walk away. The cumulative effect is noticed at a gig or rehearsal later on.  And it is always a nice experience!!! 

My Wendy and I work together to improve our eating habits.  Healthy living is a habit, and unhealthy living is a habit as well.   Ultimately, the one thing that separates one from the other is each decision, and the actions that accompany that decision.  We are doing some smoothies and they've been pretty good up to this point. So… if you got a good smoothie recipe…. send it our way cuz we're curious. 

We're doing more stuff and I'll write about it as we go along.   Today… we focus on food and drink that sustains and promotes healthy living. I can't even do PT because of my recovery... so the quality of food that I take in actually needs to be a higher priority cuz it's the only half I can focus on while my body recovers. 

Got a smoothie recipe?  Hook a drummer up. 

How about a healthy living hack?  Share it in the comments. 

Please ask questions, or break an insight.   

Remember, I am a clueless drummer in this space.  Share what you know cuz others are going through the same thing! 


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